Feature: Mosh

Mosh, white hair goth girl
The Moshroom Now Open


Scared goth girlGGotW: What got you started in modeling?gothic model in theater
Mosh: I first discovered fetish a while back when I ran into some amazing photography by Lithium Picnic, Bob Carlos Clarke, Steve Diet Goedde, Michael Helms, and a bunch of others. I instantly found the work so intense and creative, I just fell in love. From there my interest in fetish photography only grew. At the time I didn't plan on modeling myself however at 17 I decided to start networking off a site. At 18 I decided to pursue fetish modeling and have been working on it ever since.

GGotW: Where do you want to go with modeling?
Mosh: I never had a set plan on what I wanted to do and what I wanted to accomplish. I've worked with artists that I have dreamed about working with and have had the honor to be printed in magazines such as Marquis. I simply wish to continue this path, continue to produce unique images and continue to evolve. Currently I'm working on a paysite so I guess that's my next 'plan' for my modeling.Mosh model in black latex 50's outfit

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
Mosh: A large variety of photographers. Ranging from Mickle Design Werks to Photos by Vance, Michael Helms to Lithium Picnic, Michelle Star to WinterWolfStudios....there's a long list, I could continue for a while!

Mosh in purple latexGGotW: What was it like to work with Lithium Picnic?
Mosh: Well first off, Lithium Picnic was one of the first photographers I ran into who created the images that got me into fetish and alternative work so getting the chance to work with the guy who did that was incredible. Working with him was definitely a wonderful experience. He could probably pull out some weeds from his yard and bring it back, create some crazy hair piece and a jungle set with it. Definitely a creative guy who's always evolving into something more, which is definitely an important factor when it comes to being an artist. On top of that I had the chance to work with Apnea while I was there which was also an amazing experience. She's always been one of my favorite models due to her impeccable modeling and creativity.
Mosh of themoshroom
GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
Mosh: I'm probably planning a shoot, booking shoots, or answering emails regarding shoots. I never really get away from modeling. On the rare occasion that I have a day off I like to just watch movies at home, go out and eat with some of my friends, read...I don't really get to do those things anymore.Mosh model, sultry sexy Alt model

GGotW: There seem to be a lot of questions about your hair and its incredible whiteness. What is the story behind it?
Mosh: My natural color is dirty blond. I wasn't too fond of it so I decided to change it up. There's no real story behind it other than I wanted a different color, but also wanted to stick to the lighter side of hair colors. I had my hair professionally bleached out to the lightest possible shade, then I used a purple shampoo and conditioner called Shimmering Lights as a toner to get out all of the brassy and yellow tones. I honestly didn't expect my hair to tone out so well, after a couple of days it turned into this platinum white madness that I have today.

Mosh in realy high heals, black latex, washington DCGGotW: Nudity doesn't seem to be an issue for you as a model, what is photographically?
Mosh: I love doing artistic nudes and artistic fetish work. Personally, I'm not into these hardcore spread-leg shots that are taken simply for pornographic material. I like to produce more in an image than just that.

GGotW: A lot of your shots show a degree of athleticism, where does that come from?
Mosh: I was a gymnast for about 10 years, a cheerleader for even longer, rhythmic gymnast for about 3 years, and an acrobat for about one year.

Mosh, Vance photo, sexy goth in Red latexGGotW: We understand the name Mosh isn't connected to standing front row at a rock show, so where does it come from?
Mosh: Hah, that's true, its not. I've had this name for a long time now, when it came time to chose my modeling name it seemed to just fit.

GGotW: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Mosh: I hope to still be modeling, still growing as an artist, and hopefully still running my upcoming paysite.

GGotW: Is there a planned opening date for Themoshroom?
Mosh: I wish but not yet. I'm currently working on designing the layouts, the coding will take some time. I technically have an estimated month but I don't want to disappoint in case that month doesn't end up happening.

news and updates
GGotW: What is The Moshroom?
Mosh: Well, new themoshroom.com features a members section and guest section. So far the guest section leads to the website tour but soon it will be a public version of the paysite itself. It features multiple-image sets, currently over 2,400 images at the moment, and growing...rapidly. Aside from the juicy photos that I upload regularly, members can also view videos, access live webcam shows and the chatroom, view the live-streaming shoots, participate in exclusive contests, view my full (personal) calendar, access the members-only e-mail, and more to come! I have exclusive tutorials and guest model features coming next. I think that's it about my site. Like my work? Then you'll see loads of it and in great exclusive quality over at themoshroom.com :)

GGotW: We understand you're running a little contest, what's that about?
Mosh: The contest, it ends Saturday, June 20th, so hurry up! Create two spectacular banners using my images and including my name and/or my website in the banner, and you could be 1 of 5 winners who receive a shiny new 5x7 signed print! 5 people who are members to my site who win will get a customized 5x7 print of their choice!

Mosh stuffed in a suitcase

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Anne Rice Ball

We found this completely by chance, didn't even know the group was still around. A few of our members used to belong to the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club years ago, at different times it seems. Now we discovered that the club is back in operation and getting ready to restart their annual Queen of the Damned Ball. If you are a fan of Anne Rice, or The Vampire Lestat, or you are anywhere near New Orleans this should be a great experience. We've seen pictures of the ball over the years and it looks amazing, you don't even have to be a fan, lots of Goth crowd there to mingle with.

Non members can buy tickets as of Thursday and you can add the group to your MySpace friends.

If you've been in the past, please leave a comment or review of what its been like for you.

Feature: Alice Malice

Alice Malice in gothic bondage
Deviant Art


GGotW: What got you started modeling?
AM: I was messaged by Whip Smart Productions, from this bondage company on Myspace and I thought "hmmm why not?" I found that it came very naturally so I've been pursuing it ever since.

Alice in Wonderland, bloody, McGeeGGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
AM: I worked a lot with Deimos Masque especially, and Daneaux. But I've been almost exclusive with Deimos Masque for years now. It helps when your dating your photographer to know your body incredibly well *laughs*.

GGotW: What kinds of modeling have you done?
AM: I got my start doing bondage modeling, being mainly a good little submissive. I did a lot of shibari. Then I moved on to doing sets that were more alt, as I wanted to move on from just doing bondage. Then I started to incorporate more cosplay, and I did a very naughty video with my Alice in Wonderland costume in order to get an Alice tattoo. Then I worked on a site that was all erotic cosplay, and recently I worked with incorporating superheroes and bondage on another site. Where I got to kick butt!

GGotW: What is Shibari?
AM: It is a Japanese word that specifically translates "to bind." It is the practice in tying rope or twine around a subject in a constricting position. It can be very thrilling and it can create excellent designs on the body that are pleasing to the eye.
Elven Alice Malice as an Elf
GGotW: What is your favorite kind of modeling?
AM: I enjoy any sort of modeling that lets me embrace my creativity, so I particularly enjoy any kind of Alt and Cosplay modeling I do. I enjoy making my outfits for sets , and I try to keep things sexy with an artistic appeal. And especially with cosplay I enjoy taking on different characters and expressing myself through them.

GGotW: Where have your images appeared?
AM: I have been on Spookygirls, Inkandpink, and my set on League of Amazing Women should be posted soon. And last weekend I just finished doing another set and video so that should be exciting. And I should be appearing on more sites soon.

GGotW: Do you do a lot of Cosplay outside of photo shoots?
AM: Why of course! I enjoy a lot of cosplay on my free time as well. I try to make it to most of the Florida anime and sci fi conventions, and for the first time this year I'll be at Dragoncon working the cosplaydeviants booth.

Alice Malice in bloody Alice in Wonderland costumeGGotW: You seem to like the Alice in Wonderland look, what influences you there?
AM: I get a lot of creative inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. There are so many interesting stories and characters from the books that make for an almost endless amount of ideas for photo shoots. And my name itself comes from my love of Alice as well. That and I just look good in my Alice dress as well *laughs*. I have a large tattoo of Alice dining with the mad hatter and the march hare from a Crab Scrambly image, and I want to stick to getting mainly Alice in wonderland tattoos. Obsessed? I think so.

GGotW: Who is Crab Scrambly? Why his image for your tattoo?
AM: Crab Scrambly has done a lot of art for comic books, and you might have seen his work from time to time at hot topic as well. His work can be found here . I purchased a post card from Hot Topic that had an image of Alice dining with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. As I stated previously I am very obsessed with Alice in wonderland, and I love it whenever the story is shown in a dark twist. I got it done on inkandpink.com

GGotW: What do you do when not modeling?
AM: Like I mentioned earlier, I love doing cosplay in general even if its intention isn't for taking off my clothes. So I'm very much an otaku (someone obsessed with Manga/Anime) and a comic book geek. I particularly favor x-men and I do have an obsession with Batman. I also do a lot of tabletop roleplay, and that takes up a lot of my spare time and I love it. It only helps me to understand how to think like a different person, and when I play World of Darkness it only helps give me inspiration.

GGotW: In playing World of Darkness, what kind of character do you play? In what part of the WoD universe?
AM: Normally I play new World of Darkness, and I do often get picked on for playing attractive characters *laughs* I play quite the variety of personality types. They are all passionate. Some belive in their causes or groups more than anything. And some are so petty that they just want everyone's attention. Normally I play Vampires and Mages. And no matter how good or bad they are I just like to take part in a good story.

GGotW: What are you taking in school?
AM: I'm going to school for animation, and that's the main reason as to why I have only been on a few sites. But with my limited time I've been able to pick and choose what projects I'm particularly interested in.

I am now featured on the website murderlily.com, and Pixel-Vixens

2009 Update

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Feature: Alina


My Space


Photographers are Igor Pavlov and Arseniy Grobovnikov


GGotW: How old are you?

Alina: I am nineteen years old.

GGotW: How long have you modeled?

Alina: Earlier I worked in for a model management, but I can't really call it a job. They didn't give me any useful experience, and I had to do some things that weren't interesting to me at all. After one year of working there I left them, as I got keen on dancing. In fetish and Gothic style I have worked for 1 year approximately.

GGotW: What started you modeling?

Alina: I've always been searching for something bright and unusual.

I tried myself in singing, journalism, worked as a gogo-dancer and studied in an actor faculty.

I always felt like I was missing something important, and had a great shortage of showing my worth, and I knew that I had to try something else.

One day I saw pictures of Dita Von Teese in the web, and she inspired me a lot. I understood that I had to unite my sexuality, that was growing from day to day, gothic style, that I really had passion for, and fetishness, cause I always was really crazy about all these amazing corsets, sensual stockings and brilliant latex outfits.

GGotW: Some of your images show you in corsets. Are you into corsetry?

Alina: Yes, and corsets are my passion really! In fact, I began modeling because of them... I always had a soft spot for woman's shapes, tighten into corsets, and my first shoot was in corset too. I find a special delight in feeling stretch tighten and a special beauty in changed forms - I love extreme corsets, when your waist is so narrow that looks like something cosmic. I can tighten myself up to 48-49 cm. I began wearing corsets when I was 16.

GGotW: What is the best modeling job you've gotten so far?

Alina: I've worked for our First Alternative TV, took part in 3 videos of Russian Gothic and industrial bands, and was featured in several mags... But now I've chosen my 2 favorite photographers and we're preparing some special content for my personal site, and I can say, I feel so free, I create all the plots of the shoots myself. I feel great pleasure, cause I know that every one of my ideas can come true!! I really love these people and adore their professionalism, so I enjoy every minute of our work

GGotW: What is the Moscow Gothic scene like?

Alina: Well, our Gothic scene is much more developed than the Fetish scene. We've got a lot of Gothic parties and gigs, and this style was VERY popular in our country some years ago. It was really very sad to see that Moscow turned into Baby Goth's city, and they perverted Gothic aesthetic a lot these days... Our cemetery's couldn't bear their terrifying attacks, a lot of graves were ruined, and all these things were done under cover of "Gothic style". However, it's nice to see that nowadays everything returned to its places and this horrible chapter of "Gothic style" has gone away.

GGotW: What would you like to see happen with the Moscow Goth community?

Alina: Frankly speaking, I think, that everything is OK. We have Gothic mags, gigs, parties, famous characters, and I'm happy that the bad Gothic influence has left us and now the subculture is mostly true.

GGotW: What part are you playing in the development of Russia's Fetish/Gothic industry?

Alina: I'm one of the first Russian models. Even 4 years ago it was rare for people to know what "fetish" meant. Now sometimes it is really very hard to prove that if I'm wearing latex outfits for example - it doesn't mean that I'm a terrible pervert, satanist, and eat kittens. Russian people have got a lot of awful stereotypes, and I think that we need some years to break them. I do my best to improve their opinion and to show that fetish and Gothic style can be very beautiful, sexy and even elegant. I really enjoy being in the scene, and to have straight contact with the public, to see their reaction, and I decided that the time has come for the first Russian fetish-show. I had no problems in finding suitable girls, and I'm proud to say that this summer Perish visited Moscow and we did 2 performances together.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?

Alina: I'm a usual girl. I eat, sleep, go to university, visit parties and gigs, and need love and care, as any other girl. Not everything in my life goes well, sometimes I have unlucky periods, sometimes people break my heart, sometimes another's envy ruins my plans, but I try to find power to go further and to overcome the difficulties.

When I have free time, I prefer going to theatres and reading classical literature. I adore Russian classics.

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2nd Feature: Maybe

gothgirl MaybeWhen Maybe first appeared in a March mini-feature for Goth Girl of the Week, she was barely dry from her nearly matricidal entry into the world. Now at 8 months old, Maybe is coming into her own as a small person, a small goth-punk model and even a small Hellraiser.

Maybe has learned quickly, from Mommy and Daddy that any day can be Halloween! With collections of skulls, gargoyles and swords, pet snakes and cats, and near constant musical stimulation, home is a step or two closer to Samhain than the house next door. One afternoon of dress up fun resulted in a "gothed out" Maybe, lounging on Da-da who was wearing his Pinhead t-shirt. The resulting pictures that Mommy snapped ended up in the hands of The Engineer, and one is now featured at DougBradley.com, the official website of the legendary Hellraiser actor, who brought Pinhead to life.young goth girl Maybe

In the quiet times of Maybe's mad world, stories and snacks rule. Whether it's Goodnight Moon, The Great Shark Hunt, or one of Dad's epileptic epilogues, nothing relaxes a goth girl's blue eyes like a full tummy and good spoken words.

Maybe's older brother, Zane, has been hard at work trying to teach his baby sister Tang Soo Do forms (Zane himself is a green belt). Maybe, ever pragmatic, however is focusing her energy on crapretty goth girl, Maybewling and holding her bottle with her feet! Zane need not worry though, Maybe is a tough cutie and is teething tenaciously. She doesn't care for toys or teething rings...NO- Maybe crews and chomps on peoples fingers! This zombie like chewing began months ago, yet not one pearly white has made an appearance as of yet.

Can't walk?....Doesn't have teeth yet?...Lacking in hair?...No problem! With the true punk ethic, of "What you don't have doesn't matter", Maybe and Mommy's camera are having a ball with her blooming goth-baby modeling career.

Got your own Goth Baby? Send us some pics and we'll give her a mini-feature. Been a GGotW previously, got something new, contact us.
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Goth shoot 2008

Don McCaskill of NightShadows Photography and his wife Sue McCaskill of Ravenwood Photography are gearing up for the annual Goth Shoot in Victoria, Canada, currently set for the 26th. This is a large group shoot they do every year. Inviting as many models and other photographers as possible. Last year there were three models and three photographers and a make-up artist, but a lot of great images.

They are still looking for the ideal location in Victoria, BC to shoot this, but Last year Beacon Hill Park made a great location, but this year Don wants to get a more Gothic feel to the images and a park just doesn't do it. Maybe something a little more industrial?

This year they're hoping for a much larger gathering of models. If your interested in being a part of the shoot, and can get yourself there, contact Don, and he'll add you to the contact list he's building.

If you want to see what has been done in the past check out 2006 and 2007.

*** Please Note ***
Model Releases are required for these shoots, so you must be 18yrs or have your legal guardian in attendance. Prior arrangements can be made as well.

Some Questions that Don has answered.
Q: How long will the models spend with each photographer?
A: As of yet we don't know how many Photographers and models there will be, so we'll probably have to wing it. The shoot is currently scheduled for 10am - 4pm.

Q: What is the compensation to the models?
This is a TFCD (trade for CD) shoot. Each model will receive a copy of all the images on CD and rights to use images that they appear in for their portfolio.

Q: Do the models make individual arrangements with each photographer prior to the shoot?
A: Individual arrangements can be made, and you can say that you won't shoot with a particular photographer. NightShadows and Ravenwood will have their own release forms at the shoot and arrangements can be made to view them in advance. Other photographers are being encouraged to bring releases.

Q: What are the photographs being used for after the shoot?
After the shoot the pictures are strictly for portfolio purposes unless other arrangements are made.

Q: Who provides the clothing/apparel for the shoot?
Clothing is provided by the model.It is up to them to fit the theme of Gothic. In some cases with the photographers, something may be arranged.

Q: Who is doing Make-up and Hair Styling?
A: Again this is usually up to the model, we are not a professional shoot. We are trying to find MUA and stylists for the shoot, and Caitlin did an excellent job last year, hopefully she'll be back this year, with others.

Q: What is a model release and why is it needed?
A: A Model Release Form is a contract drawn up between a photographer and model either before or after a shoot detailing where and how the images from the shoot may be used by the photographer, and model. It spells out what either party can do with the images and what either party gets from the project.

Where can I get a release? Is it necessary?
A: The photographers will have them on the day of the shoot. If you want to see what you are signing in advance, a sample can be emailed to you.
Necessary? Essential!

Can I tell other potential models about this shoot?
Yes! This is all about the-more-the-merrier. We want this to be a fun event, so by all means, let your friends know.

Just don't forget, this is a GOTH shoot. We want people dressed in gothic attire.