Feature: Toxic Goddess Selkie

Toxic Goddess


GGotW: What got you started as a model?
TGS: I had a waitressing job in college that wasn’t paying the bills and saw an ad for an artist’s model. I have an adventurous streak – I like trying most anything new – so I went for it... even though it meant getting naked in the middle of the woods with a stranger! Modeling is fun so I’ve kept it up. I like making art.

GGotW: Are you still a waitress or have you found other employment since then?
TGS: Oh, heavens, no. Like I said… that didn’t even pay the bills. I wasn’t a waitress for long. I’ve done many things since then.

GGotW: Why alternative modeling?
TGS: I feel there’s more room for collaborative creativity in alternative modeling. In art modeling the artist usually has a pre-made image in his head for the model to mimic, and in glamour modeling people seem to have specific expectations. Those who turn to alternative modeling are actively looking for something different, whether it’s outrageous outfits, unusual models, or intriguing subject matter. Alternative modeling gives me the opportunity to play a character rather than just be a pretty face, let’s me dress and pose and interact with the camera however I like. There’s a lot more variation in alternative modeling so that it never feels like the same old thing. Alternative modeling also fits my personality better. It can’t be stuffed into a neat little box… neither can I.

GGotW: What got you started as a Toxic Goddess?
TGS: I was exposed to the work of our photographers, Dirk Hooper and Robert Henry, because they are local artists. Their work really grew on me over time, and the more of it I saw the more I understood and respected their vision. They also have an impeccable reputation for being great guys to work with so I placed an application through Dirk’s website. In it, I said “Tie me up – you know you want to!” He took me up on the offer and it’s been a wonderful working relationship ever since.

GGotW: What are your quirks?
TGS: I think I have a lot of them-or so I am told. I don’t have a good sense of what is normal and what is not – it’s almost as bad as my sense of social politics. But for what it’s worth I know the following are quirks. I hiccup. A lot. I think of buildings as though they are people and seriously feel sorry for them when they’re neglected. I have an addiction to attending classes on any subject. I adore insects. And I think nipples look like eyeballs.

GGotW: What is the Goth scene in Oklahoma like?
TGS: There are plenty of Goths in Oklahoma but there aren’t a lot of hang-outs for alternative life-stylists around here. As a result you’ll find diverse crowds of those who live outside of the box. The Goths, punks, metalheads, emos, and others are often found together wherever they feel welcome. It works out fine. There’s mutual respect.

GGotW: Are there any meets in Oklahoma or local clubs?
TGS: There are small meet-up groups, but I am not involved in these so I can’t tell you much about them.

GGotW: What can you tell the readers about Toxic Goddess?
TGS: Toxic Goddess is not about standardized beauty or ordinary photography. Our photographers are experienced and educated, and the models go through a selective process to become a Toxic Goddess. Toxic Goddesses are not chosen because they are the prettiest girls on the block but because they are confident, creative, and actively contribute to the Toxic Goddess project in their own unique way. Our photos are not air-brushed to perfection. We’re real people, and we’re out to prove that reality is sexy and lovely. It’s the truth. Someone’s got to preach it.

GGotW: What is your role in Toxic Goddess?
TGS: I’ve been with Toxic Goddess since 2006 and am among the more senior pantheon members. I was a Toxic Goddess before we had a pay website! Every Toxic Goddess finds her own niche. I have turned out to be the goddess who usually gets to play the most outlandish roles for the shoots – I get to play fantasy and sci-fi characters, as well as do crazy things like eat toy ducks. It’s great fun. I’m also the director of the brand-new Toxic Goddess Burlesque! Our debut was Oct. 25th after OKC’s annual Ghouls Gone Wild Parade. If anyone is in town, you should all come!

GGotW: If you lived in another age when would it be?
TGS: I’m not altogether certain that I haven’t, or that I’d get to choose the time period. But spiritual suppositions aside… I really can’t say for sure. I like history and I have a fondness for many eras, including the Iron Age Celts, the Age of Discovery, the Victorian Era, and our own 60s-70s.

GGotW: What would you do in that other age?
TGS: I think I would have loved having been a sailor or navigator on an exploration voyage or trade route, back in the days of beautiful masted ships. I’ve always felt an unexplainable tug towards that.
I’d also be interested in just being a simple Celtic towns person, just to see how it lives up to expectations. I have a strong suspicion that lack of technology does not make life simple and pure, but I’m curious enough to try it out. I’ve also always been drawn towards that culture so it would be nice to be a part of it.

GGotW: What makes you happy to live in this age?
TGS: I’m honestly happy to just be alive. I’m sure that would apply to living in any era. Now and here, however, we’re fortunate to be blessed with not only a living environment that allows us to reach an old age, but also the opportunity to make of your life what you will. We are afforded many freedoms and luxuries… despite what advertising tries to teach us.

GGotW: What can one do to worship a goddess like you?
TGS: Each can worship in their own ways; we love our fans. Of course some of the best flattery is to pay homage at the Altar by joining the pay portion of our website, however any sincere fan is always appreciated. We can be found on Myspace and can be seen at appearances and performances, and we each have an Amazon wish list on our webpages for anyone who'd like to help us with outfits or props for shoots.

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MCR comic book to Film

IESB talked with My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way At the Spike TV Scream Awards 2008 about the comic book that he he writes, UMBRELLA ACADEMY.

Way told the IESB that UMBRELLA ACADEMY has already been optioned by Universal Pictures and they've just had their first meeting about the feature film.

Way says they are are currently searching for screenwriters and as far as his involvement in the film, he wants to be creatively involved but overall have the film be the vision of a director he trusts completely. He has spoke with costume designer Colleen Atwood (most recently of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street) about working together on the film.

As an added bonus, UMBRELLA ACADEMY artist Gabriel Ba won the Scream Award for for Best Comic Book Artist!

Click for larger version,
Notice Wednesday Mourning second from left.

Feature: Raven



GGotW: What got you started in modeling?
Raven: Well, I have had many people stop me because they love my makeup. i am very creative so I like to try out different things-I hate being or feeling normal so I always go to the extreme. they would photograph me, use me for contests or articles. one day I answered an ad for a fetish model, and was hired. Since then I pretty much live in front of a camera!

GGotW: What do love about being in front of the camera?
Raven: Its like a fantasy-whenever I feel down, or fat, or ugly...I get all "dolled up" and have photos taken. Or when people photograph me, they put you in the dream world-this vision of you that only exists through film. I pretend my problems don't exist. I can see myself how other people see me..that, and it is incredibly flattering!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
Raven: oh god...the biggest is probably Craig Joy. I just cannot remember them all...

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
Raven: I read, make dolls, cook. I love to cook! Am also an internet, and Myspace junkie (shame!)

GGotW: What is the night scene like in Christchurch, New Zealand?
Raven: There is absolutely no night life here to speak of. There is a fetish ball that happens rarely, Halloween I think, and that is all. I just got a car and I don't know anyone in this country-so I hate to admit I actually have never gone out.

GGotW: You seem to have quite a large following on YouTube, what do you think contributes to that success?
Raven: I think that because I'm honest, and real...that makes people like me. I've watched other people's videos and it's like they put on this totally annoying, fake, holier-than-thou persona when you just know they are not like that in person. The closest I get to that is with my blood videos...but besides that, I am sure to keep it real, and fight for the underdogs and unappreciated

GGotW: Why did you start the YouTube videos?
Raven: hahaha actually, funny story...I had a boyfriend at the time, and i wanted to get him more interested in me because he was very...stand-offish, if you know what I mean. So I made him a video of me talking to him, and I liked the way I looked. I wanted to post it but he didn't let me, so then I put on some black metal in the background, because it fit, and gushed out blood all over my body and boobs and called it "Bloody Fun". I posted that and I got a great response, so i got hooked. Now some of my vieos have over 200,000 views, and they have only been up for maybe a little under a year

GGotW: Do you prefer working on videos or photos?
Raven: That is a hard one. I love photos, because I can create any setting, and look, any situation with just my makeup, clothes, and the look on my face. With video it is much harder, but my personality comes through in a big way, and I can reach more people. But, I guess if I HAD to choose I'd say photos-because I take lots and not have to speak :-)

GGotW: If you could travel anywhere where would you go and what would you do?
Raven: I would revisit the USA, because I miss it and the prices! And I would for sure go back to my hometown, in Germany. I haven't been there since I was maybe 11-12, and I have really fond memories! I want to go clubbing and rub noses with their type of "freaks",lol

GGotW: What would you want to shoot given unlimited resources?
Raven: What would I want to shoot...? Hmmm...That is also a very hard question. I never ever put any thought into what I do, except if I want blood or not...I think my biggest dream is to do something with a lot of highly contrasting colors...like red on white on black...with the pale white skin being the white, blood being the red, and a black satin sheet or something being the back. I would want someone very unique-like overlooking the city or something, somewhere very hard to get to. The scenery here is so beautiful (I mean it is where Lord of the Rings was filmed)...but I am not a big nature fan. I like cities, and lights...like the Dallas skyline at night

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Feature: Ophelia's Overdose



GGotW: Where are you from!
OO: I was born in the western part of Germany and up to now it's the place where I am living.

GGotW: What got you into modelling?
Ophelia's Overdose climbing building in Cybergoth wearOO: I was always pretty interested in extraordinary gothic and fetish photography. There were quiet a lot artists, who kept on impressing me with their work. But, I do not think about being a model until 2007. In a half year's time, four photographers ask me on the street if I want to be part of their projects. Those shoots were a kind of experiment for myself, because now I know my preferences very well.

It would be correct to say that I start modeling in April 2007, since that time I have worked with a lot of photographers, who are interested in realizing my current shooting concepts!

GGotW: What styles do you like?
OO: I prefer Gothic, Cyber and Fetish styles. Many people like to dress in those styles, but I take the view that every detail has to be exciting. You cannot copy styles of others, without loosing yourself. I am mightily impressed with people who express their personality without caring about differing opinions!

GGotW: Is there a Goth Club Scene in your area?
OO: The goth club scene in Germany is pretty widespread. Especially around Cologne and the Ruhr Valley, you cannot overlook the club scene! Furthermore there are lots of well-known festivals in Germany like the WGT in Leipzig, the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim and the Amphi Festival in Cologne.
Ophelia's Overdose in blue Cyberpunk hairfalls
GGotW: What is the scene like?
OO: It's a scene full of individual stylings, different music preferences and lots of parties :D

GGotW: If someone were to visit your part of Germany and wanted to experience the local scene, where would you send them?
OO: In the daytime I would send them to some pretty nice gothic and fetish stores in Cologne. My personal favorite is Cosmic Ware . Fetish clothing on 500 sqm! In the Evening it is great to drink some cocktails, or go dancing in some pretty great clubs.

Ophelia's Overdoes in asian inspired black latex photographGGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
OO: One of the first photographers I worked with, was Oliver Pietern, it was a great chance for me cause his knowledge about photography, digital art, and paintings are incredible! Our creativity matches together in a perfect way! I am also proud of working with j-maya for a long time now! Our shooting concepts are always well planned and very lavish. I guess we will never get enough of each other :)

Natzo is one of my favourite photographers I have worked with, too. His way of expressing beauty fascinates me increasingly. His conceivabilities of showing my best features in front of his camera are very creative and deliberate. I have to say sorry for all the photographers I didn't mention :)
Ophelia's Overdose
GGotW: Why did you start modeling?
OO: I always had the compulsion to express myself. That's why I dress in that extraordinary cyber style every day. On top of that I was searching for a possibility to stage my different facets and, it's a way to show my self-made hairfalls and clothes to everyone who is interested in seeing something unique. I am addicted to putting my newest hairfall creations in perspective by creating an exceeding setting. There's more to it than that, I am not just a model, who designs her own clothes and hairfalls. It's my passion to complete the whole scene, put on my make-up and I delight in doing the post production in photoshop!

GGotW: What inspired you towards the Cyber side of goth/punk?
OO: I love the surface of materials like latex, plastic and pvc, shining and glittering materials, bold colors in combination with black. Dominance and arrogance in a woman's face,
Breathtaking silhouettes, artfully destroyed clothes. Those aspects (and considerably more) fit together perfectly. They just captivate me!

GGotW: Do you ever feel that you in turn inspire others?
OO: A few years back, when I was fifteen years old, my outward appereance changed.

It was something like a physical and psychical turning point in my life, I felt like having the insatiable desire to find myself. The individual aspects relating to my clothes grewn up very fast, ever since then, I realized that I am more than a source of inspiration for others.

Hardly a day goes by without somebody addressing me with the purpose to tell me that I am a kind of hope for individuality in this lifetime.

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Steampunk Convention

For More information on the California Steampunk Convention click here.

Dracula Lives

Dracula is back. While he has been the source of numerous books, TV shows, movies and comics, Dracula was first the creation of Bram Stoker. The Carpathian nemesis returns in a new novel that will be the first Dracula project authorized by the Stoker estate since the 1931 film that starred Lugosi. The new book, Dracula: The Un-Dead, by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt, a Dracula historian, was acquired for United States publication by Dutton Books. It is scheduled for an October 2009.

Film rights for Dracula: The Un-Dead were also acquired by a group of producers that includes Jan de Bont, the director of Speed and Twister.

Feature: Cathexis



GGotW: What got you started in modeling?
Cathexis: When I was in middle school I was in the experimental makeup phase, so I checked out a variety of books about makeup. One of them was Cindy Crawford's book and one of the chapters consisted of modeling tips, so I read it and decided to why not try it? My dad took pictures of me that turned out pretty decent. I didn't submit them to any agency, but I did take some modeling classes.

GGotW: Did you start as a Gothic model or work towards it?
Cathexis:I worked towards it. I actually wanted to model for Abercrombie and Fitch, but lost interest as I slowly turned towards the alternative scene.

GGotW: What precipitated your turn towards the alternative scene?
Cathexis: Back in Middle School and High School I started hanging out with people who were into the alternative/gothic scene. I immediately fell in love with the gothic culture as well as the music. The aesthetic-ness of the clothing and style itself caught my attention. Of course back then it was difficult for me to purchase anything of that nature without having to shop at Hot Topic.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
Cathexis: Some local and out-of-state. I have worked with Curtis Joe Walker, Ember X, Richard Wirkus, and Scott Levy.

GGotW: What is the funnest shoot you have done?
Cathexis: The very first one I did, with Scott Levy and Ember X. I was nervous and anxious and didn't know what to expect, but we just hung out and chilled. It was very laid back and I ended up having a blast.

GGotW: What is your favorite image to date?
Cathexis: The one where I am up against a corner, holding a knife with blood everywhere.

GGotW: Do you have a goal with your modeling?
Cathexis: At the moment, I am just taking it as it goes. That's all anyone can really do. I would really love to be in Gothic Beauty Magazine, whether it's an article or an ad. I love that magazine, and being a part of it would just make me very happy.

GGotW: What would be your dream photoshoot?
Cathexis: I don't really have one at the moment, but I would love to work with Philip Warner or Chad Michael Ward. Both of those photographers are very creative and their photos are breath taking.

GGotW: What can you tell us about the Gothic scene in Vegas?
Cathexis: It's not as huge as the scene in other places like L.A. It's pretty small, but still decently sized. Our venues change more often than any other place. One club or night shuts downs completely due to financial reasons or personal reasons, and we migrate to another club shortly after. The number of people who show up fluctuates. Once a month type clubs get a lot of people, while every week clubs get less. From what I have noticed, the goth scene here is slowly dying. We just lost a gothic clothing store, which is unfortunate but it happens. We are all trying the best we can to promote the clubs and scene.

GGotW: For people traveling to Las Vegas, is there some Gothic venues you can recommend?
Cathexis: Right now we have Club Cyanide (thursdays) and The Factory (friday) nights at the Good Times Bar (which is located on Tropicana and Spencer, right by the Liberache Museum). We just moved Vector (which is on Saturdays) to a new location (Black Label). Club Cyanide plays gothic music like The Cure and Bauhaus, while The Factory and Vector play industrial. I recommend The Factory, since it's a busy night and they play decent music. Since Vector is once a month with a gorgeous dance floor and a huge location, I also recommend that.

GGotW: In your bio to us you mentioned being a Forensic Science student, are you ever compared Abby Sciuto, from NCIS?
Cathexis: Surprisingly no one has mentioned her to me, all people ever ask me is what specific field in Forensics I am interested in. I wouldn't be surprised if people started comparing me to her.

GGotW: What specific field in Forensics are you interested in?
Cathexis: I was thinking either Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Biology, or a Forensic Pathologist.

GGotW: How much long will your studies take?
Cathexis: I am almost finished with the degree, so it will take at the minimum of two years, but no more than five...hopefully.

GGotW: Do you have a place you hope to work in mind?
Cathexis: I would love to go back to Seattle (where I am originally from), either that or in Ireland.

GGotW: You mention writing in your initial email to us. What do you write?
Cathexis: I mainly write fictional stories, which a lot of them are horror-based.. I also sometimes write poetry, but it's rare when I do.

GGotW: Between modeling, studies and writing do you find time for anything else?
Cathexis: Work and sleep. I do go out to the clubs and sometimes to L.A. With the typical schedule i have, I try to get out as much as possible to keep the little sanity I have.

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City of Ember

Steampunk Abney ParkSteampunk Abney Park, goth subcultureSteampunk is gaining a resurgence in popular culture and especially films. Wikipedia defines Steam Punk as a sub-genre of Fantasy and speculative fiction set in an era or world were steam power is in common use, the term was coined in opposition to the emerging use of cyberpunk in the 1980's.

The City of Ember is a 2003 novel by Jeanne DuPrau, revolving around the underground city of Ember, the one known surviving settlement and "the only light in the dark world" that's slowly dying as supplies run low and the electrical system starts to fail. This book is now being turned into a Walden movie and the setting is perfectly Steam Punk, watch the trailer and when you go see the film I encourage you to dress in you Steam Punk best. Premier is set for Oct 10, 2008.