Goth Girl of The Year 2008

This has been a very auspicious year here at Goth Girl of the Week. We have successfully Featured 20 goths, and while we know this is nowhere near a weekly total its a lot better than previous years and it is a lot more difficult to do interviews, collect pictures and format a posting here than we thought it would be. We have made some firsts this year, first baby goth, Maybe. Diverse scope of models, pros and amateurs from Romania to New Zealand. In fact the numbers are split almost evenly with 11 Features from the USA and 9 from the rest of the world.

You the viewers have also made us prosperous with 11,700 visitors per month, and 2.4 pages per visitor, so thanks to you the viewers and submitters.

What's in store for next year? We have a few girls lined-up for Features and are constantly on the lookout for more so please submit.

Here is a quick review of the models featured on Goth Girl of the Week in 2008.

Zombie Kitten
Alice Malice
Jessica Nova
Ophelia's Overdose
Miss Chloe Creepy
Alia Noree
Melle Noire
Deanna Deadly

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Voting will run until January 15th, 2009

Note: This is meant to be a friendly competition. We, as goths, are insulted and treated rudely in life enough. We don't need to see it here in our own environment. We don't know where this argument and insult throwing started, but it wont be tolerated here. Respect the models and the other competitors and remember that sticks, stones, and words all hurt. Any continued use of attacks on any model and the public vote is gone.

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RIP: Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt, who captivated audiences around the world with sultry performances as a singer, dancer and actress, died on Thursday at the age of 81. Kitt died of colon cancer for which she was recently treated at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York, said Andrew Freedman, a long-time friend and publicist.

Slinky, sensuous and cat-like, Kitt described herself as a "sex kitten" and used her seductive purr to charm audiences across the world. Actor-director Orson Welles once called Kitt "the most exciting woman alive" and, along with Lena Horne, she was one of the first African-American sex symbols.

Kitt picked up a string of awards during her long career, winning two Emmy's and being nominated for a third, as well as a Grammy. She also had two Tony nominations.

Best know for her role as Catwoman in 1967's Batman TV series, and more recently her voice was also heard in the Dreamworks movie and subsiquent videos The Emporors New Groove. Kitt was heard regularly at Christmas time with her 1953 recording of 'Santa Baby', for which she received a gold record this year.

RIP: Bettie Page

December 12/08 -- Legendary model and pin-up queen Bettie Page passed away yesterday in an L.A. hospital of pneumonia after having suffered a heart attack. Page was 85.

She captured the imagination of the 50's with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality, she has become the icon of today's Rockabilly, Burlesque and other styles of gothic modeling. Merchandise featuring her image is in shops around the world and has become more and more visible as she herself became a recluse.

Page was born to a poor family in Tennessee on April 22, 1923. While her birth certificate spelled her name "Betty," she changed the spelling later in life to "Bettie."

At a time when few women pursued a college education, Page earned a bachelor of arts degree in education from Peabody College in Tennessee in 1944, according to her official biography.

Her teaching career, however, was hampered by her looks, she said.

"I couldn't control my students, especially the boys," she is quoted as saying.

After her modeling career ended, Page returned to Peabody College to work on a master's degree, the bio said. Her southern drawl and a refusal to sleep with a Hollywood producer hampered her acting career, according to her bio. "I wouldn't have gone to bed with him anyway. He was a creep. He drove off in his big car and scolded me, 'You'll be sorry.' I wasn't."

The Web site,, logs about 20 million hits a month, Roesler said. A poll recently placed Bettie Page as the "ultimate sex goddess," outscoring others such as Marilyn Monroe. has set up a place for fans to send tributes to Bettie Page

more news on the Legendary pin-up model can be found at CNN, Entertainment Weekly, and Google's AP News page.

Voltaire Video

For Immediate Release

Director- Voltaire and My Chemical Romance front man, Gerard Way, make Creepy Christmas film for Glass Eye Pix.

MTV and SciFi Channel station I.D. veteran, Voltaire, known for his twisted, stop-motion animation, has made a spooky holiday short for the Creepy Christmas film festival. Masterminded by artist and animator Beck Underwood and hosted by Glass Eye Pix, the production company of Larry Fessenden (Wendigo, The Last Winter, Habit), the festival is a 25-day, on-line jaunt showcasing a new sinister short every day of December leading up to Christmas.

Voltaire's film, "X-mess Detritus" is a cautionary parable about the dangers of holiday gift-giving and the effect the resulting garbage has on the Earth. Voltaire wrote a poem to tell this tale and enlisted My Chemical Romance front man, Gerard Way to narrate his creepy Christmas short.

Says Voltaire, "My other two shorts are narrated by singers ("Rakthavira" is narrated by Deborah Harry of Blondie and "Transrexia" is narrated by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs) so I wanted to keep that tradition. Plus I had been wanting to collaborate with Gerard on something for a while now so when the chance popped up, I jumped for it. He's super talented and a true professional. He brought so much to the film and is just amazingly easy to be around"

Voltaire describes his inclusion in the festival as serendipitous . "I was picking my son up at school," says Voltaire, "when I noticed one of the parents had a Fangoria tote bag over her arm. Being a horror fan and having worked with Fangoria I excitedly ran up to her and said, 'Wow! Where did you get that Fangoria Weekend of Horrors tote bag?' She looked at me matter-of-factly and said, 'At the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors.' I felt like an idiot."
The next day I got an email from her. It was Beck Underwood of Glass Eye Pix, wife and long time collaborator of Fessenden's. She was writing to invite me to participate in the festival. I'm a big fan of their work so I was really excited to receive the news."

Born of an advent calendar created by Beck Underwood, Glass Eye Pix selected a different filmmaker to bring to life the image in each window of Underwood's creepy countdown to December 25th.

Underwood assigned Voltaire the slot for December 18th.

The image in that particular window of the calendar featured two distressed vintage dolls. Underwood communicated to Voltaire that they lent themselves well to stop-motion animation. A veteran of stop-motion commercials and station IDs for MTV, The SciFi Channel and others, Voltaire was perfectly suited for the job. He picked up the dolls from Underwood and got right to work.

He enlisted production support from Fangoria in the way of gear and shot at the School of Visual Arts where he teaches stop-motion animation. "There were no storyboards, no guidelines," says Voltaire, "just the dolls and a deadline. It was wonderfully liberating to be able to just let the piece develop on its own."

As for the name of the film, Voltaire states, "One of the other things about my shorts is that their titles all sound like diseases or some kind of disorder. 'X-Mess Detritus' sounds like something you'd need to get a shot for! Maybe you do. It alludes to the garbage left over after Christmas."

The Creepy Christmas Film Festival launched on December 1st, 2008 at

Voltaire's film, "X-mess Detritus" premieres on December 18th.


The film can be seen at

Click on "December 18th" !