Feature: Jessie-Lynne



GGotW: Can you give us a quick bio of you?
JL: Model, designer & photographer Jessie-Lynne. I am currently featured on Gods Girls, Deviant Nation, Zivity & my personal website. I have been modeling for over 7 years now, and over the years my love for fetish & vintage fashion have grown. I finally decided to combine the two with my new line Lush Latex. Lush Latex bridges the gap between fashion & fetish. When I'm not working on my designs for my latex line or at a photoshoot, I'm out taking photos. My photography & modeling work has been published in various magazines. Over the course of the years I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I'm thankful to have worked with such talented artists. I look forward to continuing to create art for years to come.

GGotW: What got you started modeling?
JL: Ever since I was little I was always striking a pose, literally just flip through any photo book of me as a child. Photography is also a huge passion of mine, I just love creating art with such talented people. I think what really got me into modeling was that I was a bit of a tom boy growing up. I guess I got sick of getting grass stains from playing football with the boys! These days you won't find me leaving the house with out a pair of stilettos even in a foot of snow.

GGotW: We understand you have a cover on Status Ink Magazine, how did that happen?
JL: I actually had been in contact with Steff who is a fellow Gods Girl in regarding Status Ink. After submitting my photos to them they asked me if I would be interested in doing a cover shoot for them, OF COURSE I would! Next thing I know I'm shooting for Status Ink's March issue!!!

GGotW: It sounds like you seem as comfortable in front of the camera as behind, what keeps you in front of it?
JL: I'm incredibly comfortable in front of the camera it comes natural to me ever since I was younger. I love seeing the way photographers portray me, I guess I love being in front of a camera as much as I love being behind one.

GGotW: As a model who have you worked for?
JL: I have worked for numerous people over the years and have been featured on handfuls of websites. I have modeled for Gods Girls, Zivity, Deviant Nation, Mother May I, 426 Brand, Narcisse Designs. I've also been featured in various print over the years as well as music videos & band dvds.

GGotW: Who would you like to work with, models or photographers?
JL: I adore the model Mosh and am looking forward to working with her when I make my move to California. Other then that I've been lucky enough to work with many talented artists over the years, I'd love to get behind Lithium Picnic's lens once more!!! There is a list of photographers I'd also love to collaborate with one of these days at ModelMayhem.. Any takers ;)

GGotW: You have your own fashion line, tell us how it came about.
JL: Yes as a matter of fact I do have my own fashion line, its called Lush Latex. I have always had a love for fetish fashion and have been sewing ever since I was younger. I always had a hard time finding latex that I was in love with, I had ideas in my head of what I wanted but could never find it! I decided a little over a year ago to fiddle with the idea of creating latex designs, next thing you know I'm running Lush Latex. I absolotuly adore latex in every which way, it photographs beautifully and feels amazing on. Lush Latex bridges the gap between fetish and fashion, I try to make designs that women can wear out and about. I've even made every girls favorite little black dress and also have your must needed accessories!

GGotW: What do you make?
JL: I make dresses, lingerie, tops, skirts, thigh highs, hair pieces.. you name it I can pretty much make it!

GGotW: Where do you sell it?
JL: Currently it is available only on the website Lushlatex.com it will soon be available at a handful of boutiques.

GGotW: What led you to work on sites like Gods Girls and DeviantNation?
JL: I have been modeling for years now and was always interested in being a part of a community like DN & GG. I shot ages ago back in 2003 for a website called Suicide Girls. For some time I was a limbo girl until the website lost my set, then due to all the controversy and change of their contract I decided to stick to DN & GG. Honestly, I couldn't be happier I love both of the websites, they have such a great community of people!

GGotW: What is you personal favorite accessory?
JL: I'm in love with this watch I received as a gift not that long ago by designer Betsey Johnson. It pretty much never leaves my wrist unless a photographer requests it, I have a over a handful of watches but this one I swoon for.

GGotW: Have you worked with other models, if so who?
JL: Unfortunately I haven't really had a chance to shoot with many other models, but I'm looking forward to shooting with some in the future. There are a few upcoming shoots that are in the works, I'm really excited for them!!

GGotW: What is Chicago's night scene like?
JL: The Chicago night life scene rocks.. I've always had a lot of fun in Chicago. I used to be pretty involved in the Chicago nightlife for a little I was hosting events & tending bar. I have a soft spot for Electro and we have a pretty decent scene here for that. One of my favorite events in Chicago is at a bar called Sonotheque the events called "Dark Wave Disco" its once a month and features some really good djs out of Chicago. If your looking for something to do on the week days every Monday is Rehab at Evil Olive, its a really fun night with a typical turn out of 500+ weekly.

GGotW: What is prompting the move to California?
JL: I'm moving to California because I'm over the cold weather here, it will also allow me to shoot year round on location. I'm really looking forward to the move, I have a lot of friends from California that I miss & can't wait to see!

GGotW: Are you headed for an acting career? Hollywood?
JL: Nope, if anything it will make it easier for me to shoot with photographers since there are a lot more photographers in my niche there.

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Death Cookbook

La Carmina starts off her new video series on YouTube with the first episode of Death Cookbook. First recipe is for Sesame Ice Cream. I know it sounds weird, but so does a talking inflatable yellow bear, you'll see.

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Feature: Poison Kandi




GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
PK: Truth be told I have always been interested in things slightly off normal, but when I was body piercing argh I came obsessed with it and from there it lead me becoming the actual person i wanted to be, with no limitations.

GGotW: What is the selection of shops in and around Perth like for Goth or do you
order it all online?
PK: Perth has started opening its mind towards alternative fashion in the last year or so, we have a few good shops like Red Stripe (specializing in Demonias, and Lip Service), Burlesque Baby just opened up, Mame and Wildylocks are also good! But most of my clothes/outfits/shoes and hair come from online, or custom made!

GGotW: What got you into modeling
PK: I decided to go into modeling when I was asked to be the promotions model for a piercing parlor in Perth, Western Australia.

GGotW: What has been your favorite part of modeling?
PK: Being able to be something different every day, and meeting new, interesting people!

GGotW: What would you like the opportunity to do, as a model?
PK: I'd like to be able to show the people who doubted me three years ago when I had a face full of metal, that even pierced chicks can make it in the world of modeling!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
PK: I worked with Raider Schoop who was creating a book based on alternative fashion hehe oO i was a bit chubby back then but got some awesome shots out of the set, and have done some work for a few underground photographers around Perth.

GGotW: Have you shot with other models?
PK: I haven't actually done any shoots with other models, I'm actually in the middle of organizing a shoot with another model for this year :) which should be awesome fun!

GGotW: Do you have any shoots coming up?
PK: I've got a fukd up Alice in Wonderland makeup shoot coming up, along with a clothing shoot for Pink Metal X Industries :)

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Feature: Malice Bathory



GGotW: Where do you live?
MB: I live in a pretty country named Romania. It doesn't offer you many possibilities in any domain and there isn't quite a goth culture here but its starting to grow.

GGotW: Your bio mentions writing band reviews, do you write anything else?
MB: Beside writing band reviews, I also make stories and poetry in Romanian and English. I cannot say I am THAT good but I did manage to get some prizes in my town and online. What can I say... I love literature and all the things related to it.

GGotW: What kind of art do you do?
MB: I mainly do Digital Art that have a dark, surreal or abstract thing. My works are not so common because I am not a big fan of this "mainstream" with gothic girls that you keep seeing on the Internet. I also paint, I've got a natural talent (my sister is a painter) but lately I have not done any works. Now, I am practicing photography, not only with digital cameras but also with film. I find film takes much better photographs and it is much more complicated to make a good image. You have to do it manually and the fun part is that you can also develop the film by yourself, and yes, all of them are based on this "surreal" idea that keeps wandering in my mind.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
MB: Now that should be very interesting to answer. As you can see, my photos are not so bad. Tell you the secret? I made them by myself. I know, it is hard at the beginning, but most of the pictures I've taken myself. Officially, I haven't worked with any photographer, if I do not count a girl from the photography university and some of my friends. I think that means that I have some sort of talent, ha ha ha...

GGotW: What got you modeling?
MB: When I was little, many people told me to model. Strangers on the street kept coming at me with different deals, but this was not appealing to me . After that, a couple of years ago, I started to see many alternative models on the net and I actually liked the photos. So I just grabbed my camera and begin to build a little "portfolio". Unfortunately, alternative modeling isn't quite popular in Romania. That is the main reason why I cannot actually find a photographer to make me some pictures. In other words, I was attracted by the pictures and I thought that I should give a try. Alternative modeling is different and I am also a different human being.

GGotW: What do you like about modeling?
MB: I cannot say that I really like something about modeling, or I just cannot figure it out. I do not think it brings you many advantages, I do this for pleasure. I like to experience new make-up, hairstyles, clothes, backgrounds, etc, and modeling offers me this possibility.

GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
MB: Although I received offers since I was a kid (from six years old), I never started then. I got into this like four years ago. That is when I realized that I cannot hide under a "normal" skin.

GGotW: Have your pictures appeared anywhere?
MB: Unfortunately, they haven't. I received some offers but I do not know, they vanished! But fortunately, my digital art appeared on several posters and sites.

GGotW: What influences you?
MB: In modeling, I do not think something influence me. Mainly my imagination and the cyber-goth culture. In my art, my mind is the one that influences me. What can I say, I have a weird mind that keeps wanting to go "outside".

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