Feature: Keep it Sleazy Honey



GGotW: What part of Germany are you in?
KiSH: Cologne

GGotW: What is the best part of the Goth scene in Cologne?
KiSH: I would say there are many good parts of the Goth scene in Cologne. I can't say only one thing. But what i can say is, it´s a very nice and very open-minded scene.

GGotW: You do a lot with music, are you in a band?
KiSH: I have been in some bands from since 2005, but unfortunately we couldn´t play any longer ´cuz of some personly conflicts. I would love to get in to a band again.

GGotW: What do you play?
KiSH: I've play guitar since i was 14. I played guitar and sang in a band for about a year, but I prefer to sing, so currently I just sing.
I love to sing and play Grunge and Metal style, because i listen to it, but i also love music like Alice in Videoland, great band.

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
KiSH: I started in 2008 when I was 18.

GGotW: Was there a reason why you waited till you where 18 to start modeling?
KiSH: No there wasn't a reason it just started at 18.

GGotW: What was the thing that started you modeling?
KiSH: I always loved to be in front of the camera. I love to be creative, to show how I feel inside in a photo. I'm always happy when I shoot and take a look at my pictures to realize how I can change to get better.
It's a great feeling to change yourself for a photo in order to know how adaptable you are.

What modeling shoots have you done?
KiSH: I shoot for Dark-Ages.de, it's a clothing store in Essen. Then I shoot for Beauty, Goth, many kinds of style. I'm interested in many things and very creative.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
I worked with DarkmoonRising, Dark-Ages, Stefan Schlesinger, Dark-Embrace, Ralf Kardes, Lumi Cuceu, Phux

GGotW: What do you do when you are not being a model?
KiSH: I shoot myself at home because I just love to shoot and get creative, even if I'm not on a "professional" Photographer. I do many photos myself. I'm also training to be a hairdresser.

GGotW: What do your parents think of you modeling?
KiSH: They support me in every way. They know how much it means to me and that's why they respect what I'm doing.

GGotW: Do you have any plans for upcoming shoots?
KiSH: many many many, psycho, fairytale, fantasy. Lot of accessories , noticeable make-up, new clothes, so new style xD

GGotW: What is the best part of being a model, to you?
KiSH: I get to known many different photographers. I get to know different photo styles, that's what i like. And I can show my inside to the world, that so important to me.

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Feature: Miss Deadly Red



GGotW: So you like Gothic, Cyber, Vaudeville, and Steampunk styles, What is it you like about them?
MDR: I love the detail in the styles, I find cyber especially fascinating, because I loved ripped or damaged clothes, perfection is just overrated in my eyes. All the little quirks that make the styles different make them amazing. Always thought it gave them character, much of the clothing I wear day to day is simple tops or trousers that I've modified in some way to make them more visually interesting. With cyber I find you can take any colours that are totally crazed and make them fun and different why blend in?
With the gothic style I find that black can make anyone look good so easily but when you have the old fashioned Victorian Gothic type clothes they are amazing, with all of the incredible detail and the tailoring, corseted long lace dresses I must admit are one of my favourite articles of clothing,\. I have a red lolita dress that I'm in love with because it uses gothic styling.

GGotW: What are some of your favorite places to shop?
MDR: Some of my favourite places to shop are, cyberdog (london), and Camden Market (london), also love finding sweet little shops that are totally unique such as some of the shops in the lanes in Brighton, also a small shop called minx in Havant-Portsmouth.

GGotW: We've heard of the incredible Camden Market, but for those that haven't can you tell them what it is?
MDR: Camden market is an amazing shopping area, its a small place in London where there is literally something for everyone. Its mainly alternative shopping. You can buy all sorts from lolita dresses, to vintage clothing and of course gothic clothing with gorgeous shoes. Its the type of place that every time you go you find something new, its so much fun to just explore the different parts, but its easy to get lost.

GGotW: Understand you like cosplay, what have you done?
MDR: Cosplays-Old
-Sexy jutsu gaara- From the anime naruto, self made
-Orihime- From the anime bleach, Bought
-Tsunade- From the anime naruto

-The Witch from left4dead- making
Also I've gone to anime conventions like Anime Expo in London 3 times so far, and for one of them I've completely self made a Cyber outfit, where I made dread falls to match.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
MDR: I haven't worked with many photographers (due to the fact im still very new to the modeling world) most of my photos are done by the wonderful Aaron Bennett, and I've worked with friends on mini personal photoshoots.

GGotW: Have you done any fashion shows?
MDR: I've never done any fashion shows, but I would really love to. It maybe hard due to my height, but I won't quit trying.

GGotW: You do make-up, have you done any for other models?
MDR: I have done makeup on other models, but again only for personal photo shoots with friends, but I am currently working on a photography project where I'm doing extreme makeup for two people.

GGotW: What do you do outside of photo shoots and cosplay and cyber-outfits?
MDR: I go to college in Portsmouth, England and I'm currently studying photography, Philosophy and English language

GGotW: We understand you draw.
MDR: I spend a lot of time doing tattoo designs, especially lately ive been trying to work on zombie deisgn's.

GGotW: What are you listening to these days?
MDR: I listen to mainly rock, really into Three Days Grace at the moment, and Tool also love bands such as Biffy Clyro, Placebo, Black Stone Cherry, Frou Frou and loads others. I love random little bands that are cooky and different.

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Goth Girl of the Year 2009 Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2009 Goth Girl of the Year.

Marlo Marquise

Miss Catwalk NYC 2009 is also now Goth Girl of the Year 2009. This Burlesque performer from New York city, who seems to work a lot with Candy Lust, is known to pop over to Jersey for the monthly SNAP* events.

The models themselves cast a first, second and third place vote and Marlo was the clear winner. Votes by the GGotW Crew did not change the results at all.

This year we promised to announce a 2nd and 3rd place winner as well. They are:

Runner-UpSecond Runner-up
DoriBot aRammaMiss Mischief

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Good Bye Wednesday

Fetish Nation
Fetish Nation parties take place on the first Saturday of the month. The February 6th edition is doubling as a going away party for Wednesday Mourning, as she is moving to Austin, TX. Come down and say good-bye :)

Fetish Nation takes place at Club ARENA, 6655 SANTA MONICA BLVD, HOLLYWOOD, CA

the Circus parking lot fills up fast so arrive early
parking also available on most surrounding side streets.
be sure to check any signs before leaving your vehicle.