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GGotW: You say your "not the typically faithful type of goth," what is the faithful goth, to you?
Nephertity: Well, I think, it's a bit harder to explain than I ever thought... For some people, being gothic is a form of life, they not only persist a well-defined style of look, clothing and make-up, they have some kind of a religion...I don't mean belief, it's more like strong principles about living in the world, together with other people...

I am not speaking about the stupid generalizations, that goths are always sad, crying, wanting to die and etc, rather about that they efface themselves from the mainstream form of life...
...and I think, this self-imposed outsider-being means boundaries of a personality.

GGotW: In the four years that you've been a part-time model, who have you shot with?
Nephertity: I've mainly shot with Hungarian artists, for example Ferenc Moór, who made me believe that it's possible to take good shots of me and Gábor Szabó, a photographer with a very professional attitude on all levels, and Przemek Lipski, a Polish fantasy-artist, just to feature some.

GGotW: What kinds of shoots have you done?
Nephertity: Since I have my own style and I am not interested in plain fashion and beauty shoots, I've done some vintage / pin-up, but mainly dark /gothic and fantasy themed shoots.

I've also done fashion and catalog shoots for alternative agencies and clothing designers, modeled on courses and workshops, which I am really proud of.

GGotW: Why did you start modeling?
Nephertity: Hm...because I met a boy, who was able to take the first "normal" picture of me :)
...and then I realized how great an opportunity it is to pass the borders of my everyday-life and play roles, by showing the different aspects of my personality.

GGotW: Why do you continue to model?
Nephertity: Because I still have hidden parts of my mind I would like to explore...:)

I don't want to make a living at it, it's good fun only, but it helps me to get to know and get to love myself, or to be a bit more satisfied at least...
...and because there's so many talented people I met and we'd like to help each other and this style to be more well-known and accepted.

GGotW: When you are not modeling what do you do?
Nephertity: I am a full-time student and have some part-time jobs: I am a private teacher, a journalist, and a graphic designer in one. In my free time, I used to write - I am writing a daily blog and shorter novels - draw and design clothing pieces, but I also love trips and late-night-walks with my dog and I am trying to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can.

GGotW: What do you hope to do once your out of school?
Nephertity: Well, writing was always a passion of mine, so I'd be glad to work as a journalist after my school years, but my biggest dream is to get in the film-industry: I want to create movies.

** New images from Nephertity for 2010 Year End.

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Profile: Keariene Muizz

Keariene Muizz is the resident artist of the Muizz Gallery in OC (Orange County). Keariene is a talented artist who focuses on Tombstone Art, that is painting influenced by the tombstones in cemeteries like Pere Lachaise Cemetery. The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the most famous cemetery in the world and it is located in Paris, France.

GGotW: What is your connection to the goth community?
KM: My high school closet was my connection to the goth community. Til the end of my sophomore year I only wore black, I would lie down on the floor of my bedroom and listen to music for hours and write very dark but very beautiful poetry, Siouxsie and the Banshees especially. Makeup didn't interest me as much as the darkness I felt as an outcast. I was a recluse though I had a reputation in school for loving everyone equally. One afternoon my mother opened the room to my door and interrogated me. She said, "Are you doing drugs? What kind of girl only wears black! Who wants to paint their fingernails black?" Then she opened my closet door and said, "You are so morbid. A closet full of black." She couldn't see I was sorting things out in my own way.

GGotW: What do you enjoy about the Goth Community?
KM: The Expression and the eye. The goth community is often misunderstood and the women especially confront (mainstream) society using art, by being the walking embodiment of art. When a person looks at someone in the goth community their eyes begin to ask questions, and much like my mother those questions are distorted; they may ask "why is she dressed like that?" rather than asking themselves why they feel attacked by that individuals desire to not conform. Goths provoke dialogue upon a glance, and usually it is a one-way dialogue that speaks more about the person opening their mouth than the girl or boy all dressed in black.

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