Feature: Sara Scarlet



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
SS: From summer 2007, so 3 years now.

GGotW: What do you like about goth fashion?
SS: I love designers like Bibian Blue, Steampunk Couture, Louise Black and Vecona, but their work is very expensive of course. But compared to 'normal' fashion designers it is affordable. The goth street fashion could be better, what I see at parties sometimes is just horrible.

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
SS: The biggest names are: Vecona, Viona, Awik Balaian, Sylvie Huybrecht, Koziel (furniture and wallpaper designer).

GGotW: Have you been published?
SS: I'm going to be in September's Elle Déco in France and in September's WAD Magazine with the Koziel picts. Can't wait!

GGotW: What has modeling done for you?
SS: Modeling has made me so much more confident, has made me accept my body and learned how to use my features. I got more interested in fashion and styling, little make-up experiments and I even made lots of friends (photographers, other models, stylists,...). It opened a whole new world for me and I'm enjoying it so much. I can express myself fully and artistically by developing ideas and then find the right people and create art, because I see modeling and photography both as arts. I'm also planning to travel for new projects. Or when I go on holiday I always check if there are interesting photographers in the area to do a shoot with.

GGotW: Where do you want to see your modeling go?
SS: I would love to work with better photographers and designers, modeling is and will stay a hobby for me, because I still think that studying and finding a good job is the most important thing to do now. Modeling for a living is a dream, but of course that will never happen. I would also love to do more fashion shows for alternative designers, because that's also something that I enjoy very much. I would also love to start doing burlesque. I am working on a group shoot project with some friend and if this works out well, I'd love to organize more of these.

GGotW: When your not part of a shoot, what do you do?
SS: Studying and going to school, working for school ( I am a Bachelor of Journalism student) , writing, blogging, surfing the internet for ideas, watching movies, reading, watch theatre and opera, travel, go to parties, festivals, concerts, some DIY but I don't find myself good at it, ..

GGotW: Is there much of a goth scene in Belgium?
SS: I should be careful of what I say now :D There is a scene in Belgium, but it's divided. There are cyber parties and electrogoth/industrial parties that attract lots of people, young people too. Then you have mixed parties, but they're getting rare and attract an older audience (30-40 years old). And then there are deathrock/batcave parties which attract older and young people too, but less than cyber and electrogoth/industrial. And then of course you have commercial new wave parties, organised by people that are not in the scene at all, but they do attract a scene audience too besides people that just want to relive their youth.October 2010 Elle France Magazine
I myself prefer mixed parties, where they play a bit of everything, but they are dying and I'm really sad about that. I don't like that the scene is so divided, people should be more tolerant and not hate each other because they are a little different but all have the same Gothic roots. I personally think that cyber is getting too cyber and even too mainstream, I sometimes can't tell the difference with hardcore, jumpstyle and techno anymore, same for their style of dressing, it looks all rave to me. On the other hand deathrock is getting boring. The same old hits are played over and over again and the new music is all the same. Don't get me wrong, I like deathrock music very much. And darkwave and coldwave is never played. I never hear bands like Goethes Erben at parties And I love that music even more than deathrock.
Also, the Belgian scene is nothing compared to Germany or France where they have huge parties even with several rooms or several floors.
October 2010 Elle France Magazine
GGotW: If I was coming to Gent and want to see the local goth crowd, where would you send me?
SS: In Gent we don't really have a goth pub, there's a metal pub called "Den Drummer" and some Irish pubs where I like to go. For parties there's the monthly deathrock night Fresh From The Grave, then there's Nocturna every month and they're organizing a big event called Nocturna XXL in September, then there's Beatnation (electro, ebm, industrial, future pop) every month and also Dead by Dawn organizes occasional parties. New Wave Classix organizes monthly parties and concerts every now and then. You could also go to goth stores, you'll find goths there I guess.

More images from the October 2010 Elle Déco France

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portland day one

vintage pullover, old cut off shorts, vintage boots, fjallraven bag

Since it's National Coffee Day, I'll start with these photos from Stumptown in Portland (which is actually attached to the Ace Hotel, next time I want to stay there). I had their coffee every day I was there, it was so addictive. I even brought home a bag of their Hair Bender blend for BF which we enjoyed this morning before driving over to work. Mikey and I came across this location when we wandered around downtown trying to figure out what to do and chatted with the super friendly barista who gave us helpful tips and ideas about where to go (try doing that at Ritual in SF where the workers are sour and rude). Their coffee is way better anyway.

Look at me, I'm wearing shorts! The Bay Area is currently experiencing a nasty heat wave and it seemed like Portland was feeling some of it too. I had been wearing pants on the flight but had to change into shorts when I couldn't take the heat.


updating from portland...

vintage levis gingham shirt, acne needle high waisted jeans via shopbop, h&m cardigan, vintage lace up boots

I've been delaying this post far too long, forgive me, I've been busy. Last week I booked a last minute flight to the Pacific Northwest (!!!) and I am currently sitting in PDX waiting for my luggage. Which is late. Umm. Whatever, at least I'm here! These outfit photos are from last Sunday when Brent and I went out for ramen while the food ones are from the following day.

boyfriend's outfitboyfriend's outfit
shades of greige henley via ssense, b.son cardigan, april 77 jeans, mezlan shoes

Had to include these photos, even if they're just shots where I'm testing out the lighting on BF. Those jeans are so old lol. I guess things do get better with age? Hah. I also wanted to thank everyone for your comments on that last post, it's nice to see that so many of you don't think of me that way and understand where I'm coming from. The internet is a tricky place but I'm dealing with it. Thanks for your support, guys.


Lunch at El Metate in the Mission. I'd been going for their tortas for about a year now but could never get BF to come with me. The thing with Mexican food in the Mission is that you're so used to having at least five or six restaurants in the same block serving so much of the same stuff that you never really bother to wander anywhere else. El Metate is a couple blocks east of BF's place so it's quite a walk but was totally worth it in the end. He had chicken enchiladas with green salsa and I had a torta with breaded chicken milanesa on dutch crunch (!!!!) and torilla soup. Soooooo good. And it's pretty close to Humphrey Slocombe too if you're in the area...

chicken enchiladas
torta del rancho

Anyway, since I didn't really get to vacation this summer I'm really glad I'm taking this last minute trip. I haven't been up here yet and I'll be in Portland until Sunday when we take Amtrak to Seattle to help my friend's sister move in. Plus Camille's going to show us around tomorrow which means awesome food and doooooooooooooonuts. Oh my gosh, DONUTS!

Feature: Ambellina

Model Mayhem


GGothW: What influences your Gothic style?
Ambellina: I often find a lot of photos on art sites such as Deviantart, that I end up saving to my computer and then looking through them and mixing different styles together. I think I first liked a lot of the 'classic' goth styles with a lot of the lace and velvet because I thought those types of clothes just looked more beautiful than some of the stuff that was in high street shops. Often though I like taking ideas from catwalks and designers with regards to how I actually put outfits together - Alexander McQueen's outfits always appealed to me with how creepy some of his models looked on the catwalk - they stood out and that's how I wanted to be.

GGothW: Where do you like to go to buy your favorite clothes?
Ambellina: To be honest, my FAVOURITE clothes are often from online. I love shopping on etsy.com because a lot of the stuff is one of a kind. Otherwise I'll go to shops just on the highstreet and customize clothing so that I know it's something I won't see anyone else wearing. When I travel to buy clothes I love going to London and places like Camden just to go explore the markets and independent shops - there's always some really nice pieces that I would never have thought of.

GGothW: For those not familiar with the term what is highstreet?
Ambellina: Highstreet's the sort of shops where 90% of people my age buy ALL their clothes from - it's really hard to buy things from independent designers or shops now, because it's chain stores like Primark, Topshop etc. that make up most of the shops on the main shopping street in a city. It's a shame because some of the nicest things in my wardrobe are one offs from local designers, and often if I do find something in a highstreet shop I'll end up customizing it in some way.

GGothW: Who have you shot with?
Ambellina: I tend to work with a lot of local photographers so I can fit it round my a-level work, but one of my favourite experiences so far was with Ben of Gallerino Studio in Bridlington, who has also worked with the likes of Ulorin Vex (one of the models who I think has a gorgeous look). There's a lot of people studying photography at university I have worked with which I always find nice, because I find they have some really fresh ideas.

GGothW: When your not modeling what do you do?
Ambellina: I'm currently studying for my A-levels, doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and maths up to AS. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do in the future, but hopefully something in biosciences. (Complete geek at heart) Hobby-wise I've played classical piano since I was fairly young which I enjoy. I've sometimes composed my own pieces, although they often end up unfinished somewhere! For many years I did ballroom and latin dancing which I hope to go back to when the school workload eases off. I'm technically a semi-professional dancer - it's a way for me to relax and it goes well with my love of music.

GGothW: Again this is strictly a British term, what are A-Levels?
Ambellina: A-Levels are like the big exams you do before you go to university, I think it would be a bit like an American Advanced Placement maybe. Sometimes you can get onto university / college courses without them, but most of the time if you want to study something like science, maths, english etc, you need them. It's split up into two years, in the first (AS) people usually take 4 subjects, then drop one and carry on 3 in further detail for the second (A2).

Will you continue to model as your studies go forward?
Ambellina: Definitely! I think modeling gave me a lot of confidence when like a lot of younger girls I didn't have much body confidence. It also gave me a platform to work with different stylists, makeup artists and designers who often come up with ideas that you'd just never think of otherwise. I think I'll always have time for modeling because it's a hobby for me, and because I have a career separate from it, I'm not under the same pressure that a lot of models are, and I think that's definitely been a bonus, because I can just relax and enjoy it.

GGothW: What tips can you share with new models?
Ambellina: The best tip I can give models is to just be confident. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but I've found in photos, you need to just try new things in terms of posing, facial expressions, and it pays off! I've started really enjoying trying different poses and drawing inspiration from other photos I see, and I think the photos end up looking better - after all, there's only so much you can do with modelling with just your hands on your hips.. The second tip I think was one of the best I picked up was to do with how your face looks on camera. I'll be the first to admit I have a 'photo pout', but if I want to soften up my lips and subtly change my face shape without looking uncomfortable, someone once told me to look in the mirror and quietly say the vowels out loud. You'll see the shapes your features naturally fall in differ slightly in a,e,i,o,u. There we go, top 2 tips!

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Feature: Sindrel Psykhe



New Zealand Gothic Girl
GGotW: What is the story behind the name Sindrel Psykhe?
SP: Sindrel is from my partners World of Warcraft character and Psykhe from my love for Mythology, she is the Goddess of the soul.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
SP: I have worked with a few photographers such as: Mark Bennett, Antyo Gito Anggono, Phil Bailey, Jonathan Doherty, Photography 46, Les McHarg, Brent & Shirley of NakedArt, Tim Brown and Alain Hervier.

GGotW: What caused you to move from France to New Zealand?
SP: My mother moved to NZ with me when I was 10 to get married. At the time I didn't speak a word of english and learnt it as I went. I have lived in NZ on and off for about 10 years now.

GGotW: Have you had a favorite shoot or favorite photographer to work with?
SP: My favourite shoot out of all things would have to be the one I did with my partner :) He has no photography experience and yet the photos turned out great :) It was a lot of fun too with no pressure :P
My favourite photographer to work with is Mark Bennett, he is very skilled and creative and I like that in a photographer.

GGotW: Where in your travels have you found the better goth community?
SP: So far in my travels I have found that France doesn't have much of a gothic community, Paris alot more than Brittany. Even though NZ is a lot smaller I have found it to have a bigger goth community than France. I would love to visit Germany and Japan in the future :).

GGotW: If someone was coming to Christchurch from abroad, where would you send them to see the local goth culture?
SP: Well when I said the goth culture was bigger in NZ than France I really meant the fashion side of things. People on the street here seem to be orientated more to the alternative fashion unlike my small town in Brittany :P As for the night life though....don't think there is much of one here but the North Island might be different. In saying that if someone was to come down here from abroad I would probably send them to the Christchurch Fetish Ball (happens once a year), also there are a few events to go to every now and then (fashion, skin suspension, burlesque, music, art etc...) that you just have to keep an eye out for.

GGotW: Other than modeling, what else do you do in fashion?
SP: I've been designing my own clothing collection over the years. It's a mixture of different styles, just as I am ;)

GGotW: Have you shown any of your fashion designs in you images?
SP: Not in the images I have sent no. Most of my designs are still in France. I am planning a trip over there in June next year to work with French photographers and retrieve any thing of value I might have left over there :)

GGotW: Have your fashions been shown on other models?
SP: Not yet but I'm planning on working with latex this year and hope it will be a success as I am a newbie. I have never worked with this material so lots of research and patience is going to be needed :P ;)

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the happy couple

on me: apc dress, h&m cardigan, vintage booties, fjallraven backpack
on him: apc shirt, april 77 jeans, ymc oxfords

I wish I could follow these photos with a detailed and flowery description about how wonderful and picture perfect our day was but actually, I don't wish that at all, I like the lulz that accompany this story. We took BART downtown to the only Del Taco in the city where we were harassed by multiple crazy people (God bless their souls, really, but we were way too cranky to deal with that). My go-to order? Two Del Classic Chicken burritos, they're 2 for $5!! Then we walked to the mall so Mike (BF's roommate) could pick up some war memoir at the bookstore and I made my routine venture into J.Crew to oogle everything there/try to convince Brent to buy more collared shirts.

We left empty handed and stopped by Coffee Bean where I tried to assuage my post-J.Crew window shopping pain with a Jasmine green tea latte. I guess I pouted so much (total understatement) that BF said he'd buy me that Saint James shirt that I wanted. I said he didn't have to (I mean, that's the coy thing to do right?) so we ended up going back down to BART to get home in time for the special episode of Jersey Shore until I stopped at the ticker and yelled "OKAY I WANT IT!" So up we go, up three flights of escalators until we end up at J.Crew (again) and I quickly snatch the shirt and give it to BF. It must have been karma or something but right when BF got in line to pay, my insides started to act up and next think I knew I was running to a bathroom and... well, I'll let you guess what happens there. Ten minutes later, I was still feeling sick and nauseated but Jersey Shore was about to start so we ditched BART and took a cab to get home in time.

Don't know what inspired me to write about all of that but this Jezebel article has been in the back of my mind for quite a while now. Somehow I got lumped into this "Marthette"category about bloggers with seemingly perfect lives which made me question my own approach to blogging... I mean, am I really that misleading? I try to be honest in what I write but damn it, I just really like looking at and taking pretty pictures and am insufferably picky about what I post. I just want to find and capture those fleeting moments that make me so happy, whether it's an outfit that brightened up my day enough to want to share it or a meal that I feel people may like to hear about. I love hearing about people who travel to San Francisco and try restaurants that I recommend or readers who tell me that my simple little outfits helped them find out something about their own personal style. And hey, pictures can be pretty and all but there's always so much more to people's lives than what you see on the internet and it's up to you guys to discern between the things you see and don't see.**

But I really, really do love my life even if I tend to complain about it. I love my boyfriend, I love my friends, and damn it, I really did have a ton of fun yesterday so every smile you see is genuine (especially this picture inside Del after finishing my burrito). I don't like embellishing my life or pretending that it's picture perfect since I'm perfectly content with the way it is and where it is going.


*for the record, I'm surprised these pictures turned out well since we were caught in a gust of wind as Mike took them and were both freezing so much that we huddled up and clutched my latte cup.

**also, I am not trashing the article at all, I can see where the writer is coming from. What you see online can be misleading but my point is that viewers should know that a blog cannot encapsulate every single detail in a person's life and it varies from blogger to blogger how selective they choose to be with what they post. I'm a very private person, I share what I want to share with people I don't know and keep the rest to myself or friends. If everything seems too perfect and impossible, I'm sorry, but there are things that happen to me behind the scenes that I really don't need to share on the internet (although I'm pretty sure that if you actually read my blog you'll find those random bits where I talk about having a bad week or complain about some stupid situation). I'll still make more of an effort to seem more real, okay? Even if that means more of my uncensored dry humor or current obsession with "Africa" by Toto...

Gott's Roadside in the Ferry Building

bacon cheeseburger

Since when has Taylor's Automatic Refresher been referred to as Gott's? Oh, whatever, it's still good. This is where we spent our Labor Day eating classic American fare, fries and all. What's more American than a bacon cheeseburger (BF's chicken sandwich?) and cola? Yes, yes it's a total tourist trap but who cares, it's still pretty damn good. Here you guys can finally see BF's new hair which is my favorite haircut so far, although sometimes I miss his cute lil mop.

I also had my photo taken over at Work it Berk so ch-ch-check it out. I looked a little sloppy since I'd had a bit of a hectic day but ehh, what can I do? That's what school does to me.