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mociun triangle ring, one day I'll get this. it reminds me of zelda.

Feature: Stiletto 13

Peroxide and Garlic
Curvy and Rocker Pinups
Gorgeous Freaks Models


GGotW: Where do your influences come form?
S13: My modeling influences come from the Post-Punk music scene , the emergence of the Gothic culture and music of the mid 1980's, Victorian fashion, the Baroque era, and from Old School Gothic rock!!

GGotW: You seem to be a current hit in Alt modeling, what do you attribute that to?
S13: Thank you! : ) - I think that my current popularity stems from these things: the fact that I'm still modeling in my mid-40's is one reason! It is unusual for a woman of my age to still be modeling on a regular basis! I actually began modeling when I was 18 years old, as a mainstream Petite Model, but then switched to Alt Styled Modeling because I was more comfortable with it, being a Goth since I was 15 years old!!

I was forced to take a break from my modeling career, as my previous husband did not approve of it. After that relationship thankfully dissolved, I got right back into what I love to do most , and the rest is history!

Also , I am of Japanese- Canadian descent! I have an unusual look that you don't see that often, and that does help! Because I look young for my age, I am able to look younger in my photos, and this also is a plus!! I have a very positive and outgoing attitude, and I believe that this, in and of itself, has helped me to re-launch my career!

Being this age is beneficial, in that I feel the most self-confident that I have ever felt. Maturity does have its rewards.

GGotW: How does your music play into that current popularity?
S13: I have always loved music, and played in a Punk rock band when I was 18 to 25 years old! I believe that music and fashion are strongly intertwined and inter-related! Music and fashion modeling puts you in the foreground! They both attract attention from an attentive audience, and they are both creative in that they affect all of our senses! I think that being on stage and in front of the camera are both very similar experiences , and project a certain mood and affect. They both require confidence, creativity and energy! Being a Goth model and a Goth musician binds the two together in one intensely powerful creative force!

GGotW: Does being Asian or Canadian make it harder to model and find modeling work?
S13: The answer is both Yes and No! On one hand , being of a unique looking ethnicity can be fascinating to some photographers, and also being a mature model can be intriguing! It creates excitement because it is rare and different! On the other hand , many people in our society do not value maturity, or of being of an exotic , unique culture or background! So, I would say that it is both difficult and easy - it depends on who you're dealing with, and for what reasons! Some will love me for who I am and how I look; others will choose to overlook me altogether! It has been pretty much 50/50! Being Canadian is somewhat challenging, as most of the big Goth/Alt designers and businesses operate and thrive in the USA , UK , Australia , and Europe. The Alternative Scene in Canada is small and more limited, so I find that the Internet helps to put me in touch with the Alternative Modeling Scenes outside of my native country!

GGotW: Give us an idea of some of the photographers you've worked with?
S13: I work with photographers who are still in training, to some of the best in my location! Some have been students that are fine tuning their skills, whilst others are well-seasoned and experienced photographers who are very well-known and in high demand! I have also worked with photographers that specialize in Portraiture, Landscapes, Fashion and Hobbyists as well.

GGotW: Where have your images appeared?
S13: My images have appeared on various Goth / Alternative Fashion Sites , such as : Art of Adornment , Retroscope Fashions, Supervixens Boudoir Photography, Recollections, and Ms Purdy. I have photos that will soon be appearing on Kambriel, Chicstar, and Pink Label Corsets. I have been published on the following Alternative Fashion / Scene Magazines: Carpe Nocturne Magazine, EGL Magazine, and recently on fiXE Magazine!

GGotW: Tell the readers about your current musical works.
S13: Currently , the band I am part of: Groit, is in rehearsal mode , for upcoming performances in our local area. It is a mix of New Wave, Electronic, Goth rock and Industrial genres. We also write new music to add to our repertoire, to add variety and something fresh now and then! Our next performance will be in Winnipeg, for our annual New Year's Eve Goth event: Apocalypse 2011! I am really looking forward to this Night, as it is well-attended and is a big event for our local Goth community!

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i'm lazy

acne v-neck tee, zara cardigan, citizens of humanity jeggings, vintage booties, la dama crystal bullet necklace, fjallraven backpack

Umm hi internet, it's been a while. Too many personal issues are sucking the energy out of me and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I think being in bleh mode these past few weeks made me really want to change up my look so I've been putting in my clip on extensions to look somewhat different. since I don't really feel like myself. I've been drinking tons of tea and wearing this necklace which is supposed to have some sort of energy crystal. Uhh sure, I'll take that if it makes me feel less crappy. These were taken when I met with a friend for lunch and happened to have my camera with me, nothing special, just a normal outfit for classes.

Goofy face and thumbs up are still intact in that second picture, so I'm somewhat alright. Could be better though.

la dama crystal necklace

Feature: Izta



GGotW: What styles influence you?
Izta: In my childhood, like most children, I used to have a great interest in fantasy stories, but especially the horror genre. I used to read a lot of horror novels and as a teenager this interest started to turn more in the direction of movies, music and the Gothic subculture. Over the years the macabre has kept its central place among my influences, alongside other subcultural genres such as punk and deathrock because it matches my aesthetic ideals about beauty and destruction. For me beauty can only reach perfection when it has an element of destruction in it. Run down buildings and people with scars fit in this category for instance. Japanese Guro drawings have also given me a lot of inspiration because it combines the beauty of idealized human beings with all kinds of destruction to their physical appearance. One last influence that reached me mostly through movies and video games is cyberpunk and the post-apocalyptic theme in general, because destruction to a whole society is my utopic ideal.

GGotW: What have those influences done for you?
Izta: All those influences have helped me in developing an aesthetic ideal I like to express in art and my way of living at the same time. For this reason I started to design clothes and accessories in which I try to combine different styles in order to adjust the end product even more to my specific taste. Most of the clothes I model, I wear in real life as well. I refuse to change my appearance as a result of social pressure, because I like to surround myself with beauty all the time. My room is filled with both creepy and colourful decorations, and I'm looking forward to having a whole apartment to decorate:)

GGotW: How long have you been making your own clothes?
Izta: I have been very much into creative projects for as long as I can remember. In my early teens I started to make mostly goth clothing, because I didn't have the money for the stuff that was being sold in shops. My relationship with Raza, which started years later in 2006, put this creative process on the fast track. We discovered that our aesthetic ideals and purposes were very similar and together we developed a lot of ideas to express this. For the first time we started to make complete outfits, which also involved different hairstyles, jewelery and makeup. In this period I also started to model from time to time to show off every completed look, with Raza as my photographer.

GGotW: Have you worked with any other photographers, other than Raza?
Izta: I've worked with a few other photographers, but never with such satisfying results. Their goals and aesthetics are usually different from mine so the pictures don't benefit me much. This doesn't mean I'm not available or interested in other shoots, I just think it's important to share some ideas first to see if you have enough common ground.

GGotW: Have you worked with other models?
Izta: Yes, I've worked with other models on some horror themed shoots. It was a lot of fun to do, but never my own initiative so the styling didn't quite live up to my ideals. It would be interesting though to occasionally include other models in my own projects. It would would have been awesome for instance if I'd had a pretty looking girl model as a dead body to re-animate in my last nurse shoot. It just takes a lot more styling and organizing to include more than one person in a picture.

GGotW: Where do you see your clothing and accessories going?
Izta: In the beginning, making a piece of clothing was mostly modifying an existing item by adding decorations to it. I collect second hand clothes and objects I can use as decoration at flea-markets, to spend as little money as possible, but mostly because of the great variety of things you can find there. Gradually this designing process has become more advanced, as both me and Raza developed more technical skills. My ideal is to develop as many creative skills as possible, so I hardly have to depend on the services of people with different aesthetic views. With this in mind I think I can keep improving my designs and pictures, by adding and combining more styles as well as giving more attention to detail, which is crucial in making interesting pictures. I would like to spend more time looking for nice photo-shoot locations for instance and making back, and foreground props to improve the theme and sphere of my photo's.

GGotW: How do you describe your products to customers?
Izta: I've never made anything with the purpose of selling it. Every item is unique and not easy to reproduce, because I buy so many materials at flea markets and second hand stores. Gathering interesting materials takes so much time that I would have to ask unreasonable amounts of money for one item and I would hate to rip people off. On top of that, I think creating beauty is a much higher purpose than making money:)

GGotW: How has the clothing effected your modeling?
Izta: Gradually the making of clothing has become more important than modeling. I see the pictures usually as the end product of a clothing project and I don't really do shoots anymore when I don't have a new outfit and theme ready. Of course it's very tempting to keep producing pictures at a rapid pace, but doing too much of the same thing would only compromise the quality. A lot of people seem to think looking pretty is the only important thing in modeling, but for me pictures have to look interesting on more than just one level.

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laundry day

< 10-09-10
american apparel bodysuit, vintage maxi skirt, vintage booties, coach willis bag

Outfit from two days ago, I'm currently studying for a midterm and quiz so I don't have much to say. Wore this out to get ice cream and other treats. I updated my blog shop yesterday but it seems like most of the things are already gone, sorry guys! I'll try to get some more stuff up next week since I'm still cleaning out my closet but can't bring myself to sell certain shirts...

Feature: Eileen



GGotW: I understand you have returned to modeling, what kept you away?
E: I modeled MANY years ago in the Hampton Roads area,when I was a teen and younger. Back then modeling gave me self esteem and something to be proud of. I was 6'0 tall,5 inches taller than most of the boys in my school. I was uncomfortable with my height and "olive oil" skinniness. Being around other tall models and an industry full of people who loved my build did wonders for me. I never forgot about my "silly" dream of being a professional working model....but for many years it was just out of reach. I got married and had 2 perfect boys, Cameron and Keagen. Our little family was my life and I was devoted to it. I never thought things would be any different than what it was and at the time was content with that. The funny thing about life is,it forces change in you.

GGotW: What drew you back to modeling?
E: If you can imagine being a wife and mother one day and then the next a unforeseen tragedy taking most of that away,then you have great insight. I never saw the death of my husband,Blake,coming. It has been by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through,and portions of my life have not always been easy.I was lost as a mother,wife and as a woman. I suddenly had no identity but now looking back it was actually just then,when I was really learning who I was. In time I found I am survivor,not because I am built different than anyone else, rather women as a whole, are strong by default. When you are faced with a major life change it forces you to question everything you ever believed to be true and I did. The end result for me was learning that I am my stone, I carry me, no one else. All the fairy tales and enforced beliefs have no impact on my life, I believe what I want to and accept responsibility for all aspects of my life,good and bad. Which leads me to your question,life circumstance drew me back to my old love of modeling. I had to let go of what was and find what I wanted out of this here and now . I want to model.

GGotW: How long have you been back?
E: I had my first TF shoot in Raleigh N.C. in January. A man from Myspace convinced me to shoot with him and its been on since. (girls do be careful when meeting strangers for a shoot always bring an escort) The mommy in me had to throw that in.

GGotW: What are you liking now that you are back?
E: I really like it all,especially when its a paid event! :) If I had to choose something though I would say that being body painted and photographed so far has been the most fulfilling and creative modeling I have done so far. It is an opportunity to not only create art but be the art. It was hard at first but again,its just another test of courage from life. I am proud to say a collaboration between me and Bob Axel will hang in the So Ho Art Gallery in December. A year ago I couldn't imagine that being true.

GGotW: What would you like to do in a shoot that you haven't yet?
E: Well.....if give it away it may piss off a certain photographer or even worse, someone might get to it before me! I will say this, I am a widow and the set would, in some way, include a spider. HMM :)

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
E: I have been so very fortunate to work with some of the best photographers, artist and designers around. In some cases I "stalked" them on modeling sites and in others I met them through word of mouth. Rick Myers,although the FURTHEST from goth as you can get is simply one of my favorites. He can capture your mood in your eyes, every time. He is the best. Bob Axel, from"bodies of paint",N.Y.C. is so talented in that he is a painter and photographer (and I say a "case of the nerves"soother). Ellen Griffin,V.A., is a friend and a sick photographer,in more ways than one. lol She is responsible for most of my digital artwork photographs I am collaborating with Danny of Denart Studios in N.Y.C. on a future project that I am so very excited about. James Crawford and Bob Wise are also amazing at their craft and I am fortunate to work with both of them. These are a few of the talents I have worked with but I continue to be inspired by those I dream of working for like Tracy of Victoria Velvet.Her designs and photographs inspire me to "live the dream" and when I have had the chance to speak with her, I'm giddy like a school girl. :)

GGotW: What advice would I give to teen girls in this industry
E: Aside from all of the redundant replies such as...'follow your dreams' and 'no means yes' I want to tell the ladies reading this: that in fact You are a lady and should always expect to be treated as such. We as woman are born with insight, instinct and sensuality that should never be overlooked or put to waste. Each of us are strong by default and built for survival. So never question your ability to "make it" in what ever life you choose. As long as you listen to your instinct, go with your gut and challenge yourself to be your authentic self, each and everyday, you all will be better than fine.

GGotW: What do your sons think of mom the model?
E: Seriously......Keagen,(or Turtle Head) is still a baby,one and a half,so,I haven't heard his views quite yet. lol As far as my oldest goes, Cameron (9 years old) he thinks its a normal job. He is proud of me and happy I'm happy but until I have a shoot with John Cena (a wrestler) he wont be all that impressed. Anyone out there got that kind of connect please email me!

** New image for Year End 2010 from Eileen

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portland day two (and a failed trip to stand up comedy)

kenny and zuke's
apc petit standards

Super late, I know, I know, but I've been busy with school/life/yadayada. So let's see, day two... We met with Camille for food and shopping around downtown Portland. Lunch at Kenny & Zukes, then Frances May where Mikey freaked out over their selection of APC jeans (and bought a pair and wore them out, what). Oh, that first picture? Mikey thought it would be a great idea to order this breakfast hot dog... thing. A hot dog with bacon, eggs, and cheddar?! Well, I shouldn't speak considering I ordered...

maple bacon doughnut bar
vegan doughnut

...this. Waited an HOUR in the sun for these doughnuts from Voodoo. Does my bacon maple doughnut bar look excessive to you? I kept repeating to myself I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation when I was trying to figure out if I really wanted it. Although I would probably order it here if I could because I have no shame.

stand up comedy
waitingkilling time

Aside from Frances May, I was really excited about finally seeing Stand Up Comedy in person but we were flat out of luck since we waited half an hour for someone to come back and no one ever did. They even had the latest Gentlewoman in stock, damn! I did a good amount of oogling from the window although it would have been awesome to actually see the SSWTR rainwear collection in person. Next time, next time...

Portland was awesome, I'd definitely go back and stay longer the next time around It's always fun to see Camille when she's in SF but this time I got to check out her hood, hehe.

so close
rachel comey