Casual Sunday

Yesterday I spent the day running around town with my boyfriend in a wool double-breasted 60s dress I found at one of my all-time favorite vintage shops. It was kind of chilly yesterday (well, fifty degrees is freezing for us Californians) so I layered it over a denim shirt and American Apparel tights. I also wore some of my favorite shoes by Balenciaga, a necklace from India, and a patent leather Jenny Yuen clutch. 
Mondays are usually the crappiest day of the week but I hope everyone is having a good day so far!

Fancy Pants

Wearing crocheted lace pants I got from Hubba Hubba like a year ago. They're kind of hard to wear since they are so wide-legged and my heel always gets caught in the fabric...but then again, who says clothes have to be practical?!
The leather jacket is one my favorite things in my closet, I got it custom-fit! Also wearing Super sunglasses, a crystal bracelet from my boyfriend, and Prada sandals. 
Also tried on some red lipstick I picked up at Sephora a while ago... it's by Make Up Forever!

orange and green

vintage duffle coat, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. shirt, Jcrew socks, Coach purse, Rachel Comey platform clogs via Jeremy's

Two posts in a row wearing the same coat. Why? Because it's cold and I don't own very many coats! And man, I love this coat, best $3 I've ever spent on something that wasn't food. Does that make me boring? Sure, I'll take that. I haven't really been shopping in over a month (not including the jacket that my parents bought me for Chinese New Year or the random vintage t-shirt that I got at Painted Bird because it reminded me of one that my mom had) but there hasn't been anything new that I've wanted or needed other than new stationary or a desk plant. It feels nice to be content with your wardrobe without constantly wanting and needing more. I think I should probably get rid of more clothes but for now I'm keeping what I have with a few scattered exceptions.

Also, the post title reminds me of this one time 10 years ago in 7th grade when we were playing a trivia game in class and one of the questions asked for the school colors of some university that I can't remember so I said the first two colors which popped into my head: orange and green. No clue what I was thinking about but the boys in my class teased me about it for the rest of the year by shouting "ORANGE AND GREEN! ORANGE AND GREEN!" every time they saw me. Man, I forgot how much junior high sucked.


Oh, and the shoes. I bought these almost 90% off retail a month ago and I've been wearing them a lot (which you can tell by the love scuffs in the close up photo). Somehow I paid less for these than the worn pair that I scored at Buffalo Exchange but I really lucked out at the Jeremy's in Berkeley this time thanks to a friend who works there and texted me when they came in. I even saw the same pair at a local shoe store still being sold at full price. Seriously, if you haven't been to either location yet, go.


ps. I'm also selling a brand new A.P.C. Madras dress (with tags) in a size medium...

Fox & Dots

I am really loving all the prints and colors we're seeing on the runway right now! Jonathan Saunders is one of my favorite collections so far. Anyway, inspired by funky textiles, I decided to wear a 1974 vintage-print Diane Von Furstenberg mini dress yesterday.
It's been a little cold lately so I paired my dress with J.crew ribbed tights and Miu Miu patent loafer pumps that I received as a Christmas gift! Also wearing a vintage fur coat and necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses, and Chloe bag.
Also debuting an incredible ring by Ziba Khatibi. I never wear rings, but this one is too beautiful not to wear!!
Also, just loaded Shop Karla's Closet and will be loading it with tons of great things this entire week! Check it out if you'd like!!


I think for the most part, puffer vests get a bad rep for being 'unstylish'. Well, I beg to differ! I love wearing them belted or zipped over cashmere cardigans. Here are some looks I love that are all about the puffer vest:
Marni's Pre-Fall 2011 collection and a photo from The Sartorialist
Wore my Gap kids vest with vintage Ralph Lauren trousers, Nina Ricci ankle-strap pumps, dad's python belt, Karen Walker sunglasses, and vintage earrings.

slightly irrelevant

vintage sweater, duffel coat, and boots, Acne jeans, Coach purse

This is what I wore during and after this crazy storm that just hit San Francisco out of nowhere. Today I realized that after five years in the Bay Area I still don't own rain-appropriate shoes and probably never will since I haven't found a pair of rainboots that I actually like (and those Loeffler Randall ones still refuse to go on sale) so I just wore these trusty old vintage ones. Last night I somehow ended up walking in the rain and hail with two medium Domino's pizzas and while the pizzas remained relatively unscathed I ended up a soaking wet mess. Totally worth it, though.

post rain

So umm, what else? I walked around downtown SF with Lulu while she told me about her trip to New York. Call me boring but I'm not really into that NYFW scene and I don't think I ever will be (although this iPhone app does come in handy). Did I ever mention that I haven't traveled anywhere past Texas or Mexico? I have this weird anxiety about being in a plane longer than two hours. I do want to go to New York soon and Megan and I were talking about going to New York to visit her cousin Sophie. Maybe in May? I'm more excited about going to various restaurants than anything (looking at Frances and Gennie's blogs for recommendations of course) and maybe some sightseeing but man, it'll be nice to go somewhere that isn't the west coast for once. Time to try something new in 2011, I suppose.


Dressed Up

Sometimes I feel like I wear the same things over and today I decided to dress up for absolutely no reason. 
While I was browsing through the internet recently, I discovered a woman named Michelle Harper who makes me want to dress up every single day of my life. She's somebody who seems to truly love and appreciate fashion... and she collects vintage! We need more women like her!
Wearing Isabel Marant skirt, H&M tights, 60s long leather gloves, vintage faux ostrich clutch, silk top from thrift store, and Alaia ankle-strap pumps. 
I think the Sartorial Pursuit giveaway game is almost over, so play! People have been winning some really great prizes! 

I Dream of Jeannie

Wearing a pair of wool genie trousers that would completely classify as 'man-repelling'.  I found them at one of my favorite vintage shops in NY, Amarcord. 
Worn with an American Apparel u-neck leotard, vintage eel skin belt, YSL clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti chain ankle boots, and Super sunglasses.

Feature: VampireDrug


GGotW: What is it about the goth scene that you are attracted to?
VD: Well, in the first place, I could say that I am attracted to the goth culture, which I think everybody who likes goth in general knows that it's a very ancient and interesting culture. I have studied this culture since I was like 16 -17 years old and I must say that it has marked me in a special way.
Second, I like being goth, from goth clothing, goth make-up to goth music, because it makes me feel different and at the same time special. I like to move into another world when I am doing my photo sessions. Maybe it sounds weird, but you have to live it. If you are not living it, you are leaving it: you are not a goth girl.

GGotW: What is the story behind your Vampiredrug name?
VD: There is not much of a story behind my name. The reason I chose the name is because I love legends of vampires and werewolves. So, it's kind like, in translation: addicted to vampires :).

GGotW: Have you done many goth photo shoots?
VD: No,not a lot. I began modeling this past summer, but took like 2 or 3 photo sessions. The rest is my own work.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
VD: I haven't worked with a lot of photographers...I worked with a friend of mine..and she's my only photographer :). And basically I am my own photographer ;) (sounds weird, I know)

GGotW: What photographers would you like to work with?
VD: I am proud of my photographer and well...I don't have any idea with who else I could work with.

GGotW: Is there a lot of Goth culture in your part of Romania?
VD: Well, the Gothic culture is not very developed around here and people look at you strange when you appear in public dressed and wearing Gothic style make-up.

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
VD: When I am not modeling I like to spend time with my friends and enjoying the beauty of life: taking long walks in nature (I love all nature's beauty), camping, and, playing guitar which is one of my hobbies. I like to practice in my spare time, I just love it :)

GGotW: What kind of music do you play?
VD: I like to play medieval music and rock ballads...and recently I began to study some black metal songs.

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Quick Trip to NY

Just got back from New York- went for the IFB conference and a couple other fun meetings. The IFB conference was wonderful and it was so sweet to meet other readers and bloggers! 

I checked in at the W in Times Square... I loved it! I usually stay in Soho, but it was nice being in a different part of NYC for a change.
The first night I arrived, they brought me cookies and milk... the next day, they brought me "W" pretzels and cheese! 
I didn't realize I packed so many neutrals until I hung everything in the closet. I'm a horrible packer, not going to lie. 
Some of the accessories I also packed on top of vintage wool trousers I found at Amarcord and Madewell sparkly gold shorts. 
Delicous beet and goat cheese salad I ordered at the W... If you ever go, YOU must try it!
Another delicious treat- iced tea from The Lambs Club. Everything tastes so good in NY! 
What I wore yesterday... vintage fur coat, 50s wool coat from Hubba Hubba, Levi's denim vest,  Juicy lace dress, J.crew tights, and YSL imperial pumps.

As much as I love New York, it is always so great to come back home and see my family and boyfriend! 
Oh and P.S., keep on playing Sartorial Pursuit, I want to know if you guys win anything! 

Sartorial Pursuit

Ok so I usually don't run contests or giveaways on blog, but I figured we could do something a little fun in the spirit of Fashion Week! I've teamed up with Google's to bring you Sartorial Pursuit- it's a game that's going to be hosted throughout the 8 days of New York Fashion Week.  Each hour, on the hour, from 12-5 pm EST, there will be a new (multiple choice) trivia question that ties into trend analytics and featured designers and products on the site. The questions are only live for one hour, so only questions answered during that time will be able the win the giveaway, with the winner chosen at random. You can play by following on Twitter and tweeting your answers or you can play via SMS and text "Boutiques" to 69302 to subscribe to the game. You'll win Fashion Week prizes, including tickets to after parties and designer clothing! So try your luck and let me know if you guys win! 

getting coffee

H&M silk top, Acne trousers via Totokaelo, Rachel Comey boots, Fjallraven backpack, Ray Ban wayfarers

Is it just me or am I running out of things to say? I guess I'm not feeling very chatty right now. This is what I wore when Megan and I went to Blue Bottle before she headed back to the South Bay. Man I love their iced coffee.

Photos by Megan.


Here is my photographer's outfit (details here) and my iced coffee:

what megan woreblue bottle iced coffee