I'm sure I don't need to explain to the readers here what Steampunk is, But I thought you may like a look at this video made for the BBC News America. I think Steampunk is the perfect mixture of my Gothic personality with my love of things Victorian and Post Industrial.

STEAMPUNKS 2011 from Andy Gallacher on Vimeo.
Shot on a Canon 7D, Canon 17-55 f/2.8, Zeiss 50mm f/1.4, Z cage, Z finder, Zoom H4N, Sennhesier G2 wireless mics. Special thanks to Ay-Leen the Peacemaker and Dr Grymm. Commissioned for BBC World News America.

Many thanks to my friend Andrew(pictured top left) who keeps finding me such interesting videos and articles.

While I'm on the subject of Steampunk / Steamgoth, here are a few more videos.

A bit of enjoyable music.

the beach? in march?

eyelet dress c/o White Crow Boutique, Amper Tote c/o One Language, Rachel Comey boots, Ray Ban wayfarers

If anyone needed a clearer example of how bipolar the weather is here in San Francisco, just look at my blog. A couple posts ago I was baring my legs at the beginning of the month then as the weeks progressed the weather got worse with a few nice days here and there. It's kind of hard to believe that in my last post less than a week ago I was wearing a heavy coat and oversized scarf when I post pictures from the beach like these! I had been wearing a different outfit earlier during a job interview and was sweating profusely in pants and a trench by the time I met up with Megan to enjoy the weather at the beach. I know 75 degrees isn't exactly burning hot (especially compared to the weather in LA, where I hear it almost reached 90) but here that's totally acceptable as beach weather. For further proof, refer to this post from last summer when Brent and I tried to have a picnic in this same location. Thanks, San Francisco!


There were people around us in bikinis and beach wear but I'm not really into that so I just wore a simple dress and threw on an H&M cardigan when it was finally chilly around 7. Can you guess where we went to pick up food for a beach picnic? Look, I'm all for eating at amazing restaurants around the city (last night Brent and I went to Frances for our two year anniversary, totally deserved their Michelin star!) but sometimes you just really want Taco Bell. How can you go wrong at a place with a 99 cent burrito that has Fritos in it and has Mountain Dew as a fountain option? Seriously, you guys.

Taco Bell

And just for a little added bonus, here's a quick peek inside my bag. My red Millimeter Milligram is from Rare Device (they no longer stock it unfortunately), mini campus notebook is from a store in Japantown, make up bag is Fog Linen from Atomic Garden in Oakland, and I'm sure I don't have to list where everything else is from... one of these days I'll try to empty it out and show everything neatly organized.

totes and boots

By the way, I updated/reopened my shop blog with new things and deleted what was sold...

Dressed Like A Girl

The skies were gray mostly all last week and after a while, it starts to affect your mood. I figured the best way to combat that was to wear a brightly-colored dress! So I wore this to grab tortilla soup and walk around the flea market with my boyfriend. 
I found this silk dress at Shareen's Vintage in Downtown LA along with many other dresses that I have yet to debut on the blog. I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I feel like I have so many really over-the-top dresses (I'm talking floor-length sweeping ruffled gowns) with no place to wear them. I guess I just love how beautiful they look hanging in my closet!
Silk dress worn with vintage belt, antique earrings, Metal Pointus ring, vintage ring, and L.A.M.B shoes.

old favorites

H&M coat, H&M scarf, Citizens of Humanity jeggings, vintage lace up boots

It was super chilly in SF yesterday so I pulled out this heavy coat from H&M that I've had for years. I haven't bought any new outerwear in a really long time (not including the A.P.C. trench) and it's nice to have these pieces which have served me well for the past few years. I think I picked up this oversized scarf around the same time; it's super ratty and old but I wear it to death anyway. I met up with Lulu for lunch (at our favorite local Chinese restaurant in the city, HAHAHAH) then we headed over to the Mission to meet with Ken from HIMYS. Luckily it didn't rain until they were finished with the shoot. Can't wait to see the pictures! I didn't have to pose (thankfully) this time around since it was Lulu's turn, maybe next time.

Okay, time to finish watching the USA vs Argentina match. GO USA!


Feature: Anneke Necrophyle



GGotW: You are not the first Goth model on GGotW from Espaina, is there a large Gothic crowd in Spain?
AN: I'm not considered a Goth, because I love a lot of music styles and aesthetics, like metal, punk, afterpunk, noise, blues... etc. When I was 14 years old, and started to get into alternative things, we were very few. Now things have changed, the alternative movement emerging like it did in the 80's.

GGotW: Your a clothing designer. What do you design?
I design lingerie, corsetry and latex costumes. All the clothes I wear on stage are designed and created by me.

GGotW: Are you wearing any of you designs in your shoots?
AN: Not yet, now I'm working on my first lingerie collection. At the moment I'm currently only working for stylist.

GGotW: When you do photo shots, are the photographers coming to you or are you traveling?
AN: Depends, I have worked with several photographers from Barcelona, sometimes (but rarely) I had to travel, my problem is that I haven't much time, I have to combine the dance, photo shoots and design, sometimes It's really crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
AN: I shot with a lot of Spanish photographers (Tentesion, Yasmina Moya, Polymer Boy, Claude Guerra, Darkmoon & Blackwolf Studio...) and I've worked with a few French and Italian photographers too. Now I'm working a lot with Lolo Font (one of my favorites photographers from Spain) and I'm work at Raw Estudio like a workshop model and stylist.

GGotW: What keeps you going?
AN: Dancing!!!! Modeling is more relaxing than dance!

GGotW: What came first dance, or modeling?
AN: I started dance classes four years ago, and I start acting about two years ago, and I started to modeling almost parallel.
But dance has always present in my life.

GGotW: What do you spend the most amount of time doing?
AN: I need to try to dance at least four or five hours a day. It's a really sacrifice!

GGotW: Where do you perform?
AN: I have been dancing at a vintage club in Barcelona, called Minusa, and at several festivals in Barcelona, but last year I had a knee injury and I turned away from the stage. Now I have some new shows!

GGotW: I understand you also do Burlesque, can you describe your act?
AN: Sometimes I perform an antique striptease like 20's to 40's, sometimes even I perform a Victorian striptease, but normally I combine the Belly-dance and the 1990's exotic dances with the classic Burlesque. My references are Mata Hari, Tórtola Valencia and film characters like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.
I combine several elements like the veils, swords, daggers or candles.

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a.p.c. ss11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

Currently in a funk. I wish the weather were warmer.


Wearing a BB Dakota dress with a men's Lanvin feather suede blazer, 50s ostrich clutch, and vintage sterling silver and crystal jewelry.
These Alaias are my favorite! No matter how much I wear them, they're still really hard to walk in but I still love them to death!
Nothing better than dressing up when you're feeling a little down!

fifteen again

thrifted top, vintage dress via Pretty Penny, drugstore tights, Rachel Comey bernard platforms via Jeremys

I cut my bangs too short last night and developed a giant pimple on my cheek. What am I, 15 again? I suppose I also decided to dress the part when I was pressed for time this morning before Megan picked me up to go to San Jose for the day and night. Actually, when I was 15 I had razor cut hair, wore really dark eye make up, and was 25 pounds lighter so I wore super tight tops and skinny jeans (yet I still managed to be voted most fashionable in my high school yearbook?)

Is it just me or are teenagers so much more well dressed now than when I was growing up? I get a little jealous when I see girls pull off super adorable outfits on their blogs that I definitely wouldn't be able to wear right now. Well, I could, but I would honestly just feel really ridiculous. Someone once asked me if I was ever afraid of looking too old because of my current style but I admitted that at this point in my life I would prefer to appear like I'm older than to look like I'm trying to look younger and keep up with trends.


Well, being in your early 20s isn't exactly old but it's more of a difference in lifestyle thing I suppose. Being out of college and being on my own feels so much more different than it did when I was still in school surrounded by my peers. Ahh well, I'll still love these mini dresses.


Feature: Dia



GGotW: I understand you design fashions, what kind of stuff do you do?
Dia: Here you can see what kind of fashion we do:

GGotW: Have you done much modeling?
Dia: I was Miss Diaspora Germany in 2004 and yes i have done modeling in Germany.

GGotW: What do you like about goth Modeling?
Dia: I like the Gothic style. I like the way it represents me.

GGotW: What got you started making fashions?
Dia: I took attended a three year Fashion school in Germany, and have been busy making fashions since.

GGotW: Do you travel around a lot for your modeling?
Dia: No i did not travel for modeling any time, to me is more important to create than to model.

GGotW: Why did you start to model?
Dia: I began modeling some occasionally in Germany, where I've lived

GGotW: I understand you just had a baby in February. How do you see the baby affecting your fashion business and your shoots?
Dia: My baby is 1st place now, he doesn't affect my designing career but my time for anything else is limited.

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Sophie Lancaster Remembered

Sophie Lancaster was murdered in a park in Bacup in 2007. Black Roses is her story told by her mother Sylvia and through a sequence of poems for Sophie by Simon Armitage.

For those that don't know who Sophie was: Wikipedia

Thanks to my friend Andrew for this link.

The Golden Robe

Decided to take a few quick photos of what I wore today...
Wearing a vintage silk Indian robe from American Rag, Levi jeans, antique jewelry (love the citrine ring!), Prada platforms, and Coach woven leather bag.
Take care!!