Chain Heavy

I am finally debuting the shoes I posted about a couple weeks back! They are so pretty to look at, but I definitely had some trouble walking... although I think it was the pencil skirt that made me waddle kind of funny. 
Wearing a vintage Ungaro skirt that I found on Ebay, an American Apparel striped sweater, 70s Erwin Pearl necklace,  Balenciaga sunglasses, my favorite Coach clutch, and Christian Louboutins. 
This clock necklace is such a statement piece. Flava Flav!!!
Hope you all had a nice Easter sunday! 

bundled up

vintage duffle coat, A.P.C. collared shirt, vintage wool sweater, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. loafers, Acne tote

I'm a little behind with posting, sorry about that! I'm still recovering from my Coachella weekend and trying to get everything together. I wore this outfit out this past week to grab beers with Megan at Thee Parkside's happy hour then burgers at Chez Maman. It's hard to believe that less than a week ago I could get away with wearing just shorts and a bathing suit when I have to wear layers like these in this rainy San Francisco weather. I want to go back to the desert!


Anyway, time to go finish watching the playoffs. Is it really that time of the year again? This year has flown by way too fast. I can't believe it's also almost summertime but that doesn't really mean much in San Francisco (i.e. the beach in July), right? Isn't it supposed to get warmer soon? Hopefully it'll be better by next week, it's been a while since we've hung out at Dolores Park on a weekend. Man, I need to stop complaining about the weather.


Profile: HearseCon

HearseConHearse Convention
GGotW: How did Hearse con get started?
Zach: I started HearseCon in 2007 partially by accident. I had wanted to get all of the hearses in our local club, the Denver Hearse Association together in one place for an aerial picture, a show of force kinda thing "Look at how many hearses we have!" but I knew most people wouldn't stick around for long unless something was happening, so I invited a band. Then I figured screw it, let's invite some dancers. Before long I just decided to do events for 3 days and see how it turned out if I made it open to out-of-towners. Ironically I forgot to take that picture, not just in 2007 but also in 2008 I spaced it out as well.

GGotW: How many people showed up for the first one?
Zach: 32 hearses showed up, 3 from other states.

GGotW: Did you know then that you were going to keep doing it?
Zach: Well after the first one went off well I decided to keep going. I set it up so that I wouldn't lose any money. I had done another meet a few years prior for another club and they left me holding the bag so I decided to make everything free, that was there was not a bunch of money involved, it was simple and affordable which is good because this hobby attracts people who aren't rich (myself included)

GGotW: How did you get your first Hearse?
Zach: I bought my first hearse in 1994 directly from a mortuary in the mountains.

GGotW: Did you have to do much work on it?
Zach: You always have to work on hearses, especially if they are your only car. If you've got a regular car and only bring the hearse out on occasion then you don't have as much to deal with, but a lot of people in this hobby use their cars as their daily drivers so you're pretty much always working on it which is why I advocate learning some automotive skills, it saves money.

GGotW: The HearseCon has gotten a bit of media attention, how did that happen?
Zach: The media stuff always cascades it seems. I had made an ad last year that was an A-Team parody which got noticed by Attack of the Show on the G4 network and it rolled over into Associated Press and Discovery noticing us and sending out reporters to cover the story.

GGotW: Why is Alexi equipped with flamethrowers?
Zach: Because traffic is too congested in Colorado for rocket launchers.

GGotW: I understand you have multiple unusual vehicles, have they caused an police issues?
Zach: Alexi causes less attention from police than you would think, I probably only get pulled over 3 or 4 times a year, but in my 1964 Olds I will get fucking harassed non stop because I've got purple scallops on it, and I think cops equate that with the car being a hot rod. Somehow the thought that I might be the kinda guy who would speed is of greater concern than the solid fact that I'm in a car that has fire capabilities.

GGotW: What kind of acts are scheduled for this years HearseCon?
Zach: Good question...well, we usually have dancers and a DJ, we usually invade a diner or two and we always do a graveyard picnic on the last day. As for actual "acts" it all kind of depends on who decides to show up and crash the event.

GGotW: How did the HearseCon commercial come about?
Zach: We do a commercial every year. I do films on the side as so making a short video is something I always do to help promote it. People are always willing to take 2 minutes to watch something with girls and cars in it.

GGotW: Who are the HearseGirls?
Zach: The Hearse Girls usually start out as friends of mine that I've met at clubs or around town and I ask them to model for me or they are people I've met online and approached that way.

Some of the girls have modeled professionally but quite a few are completely new which is a lot of fun to work with as well because sometimes they think they're not cut out for it. The fact is, if you model for someone and the set comes out bad about 99.9% of the time it's the fault of the photographer because they didn't know how to showcase someone's beauty correctly or what angles would compliment them well. I'm not the worlds most advanced photographer, I didn't go to art school, I don't own a camera lens that is gigantic (I have a theory that your camera lens should never be longer than your dick because if it is, it's a sign you might suck badly at photography) and I shoot on a fairly cheap Nikon. I feel like if I have all this extra stuff I'll rely on it to make fancy photos instead of just making good, well composed photos.

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greetings from coachella

coachella day two
vintage collared shirt, gifted Siwy denim cutoffs,vintage lace-up booties, Fjallraven backpack, Ray Ban Wayfarers

My favorite outfit from the weekend on day two of Coachella! Please excuse the crappy iPhone pictures, I didn't feel like lugging around my SLR and wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could without worrying about pictures and whatnot. I'm currently sitting in my room in SF with the heater on full blast since I still can't get used to the cold. I really miss the desert. When I got off the car Monday night to go into my apartment wearing only shorts and a cropped top I was greeted by the freezing rain (and this little cutie, of course). Man, it felt good to go on vacation. We stayed in a condo in Palm Springs with some friends from SF that I didn't know very well in the beginning but ended up really getting along with by the end of the trip.

coachella day one
crochet one piece from UO, vintage floral maxi skirt from Painted Bird, vintage Capezio bucket bag, American Apparel floppy hat, Rachel Comey boots

Friday was cooler than the rest of the weekend so I was a little more adventurous with my outfit and wore this maxi skirt that I'd picked up at Painted Bird the day before I left. It's hard to tell in the picture but the top part ties in the back and is connected to the bottom by a crochet pattern in the front so it's more risque than what I usually wear. Oh well, I tried right? I forgot my hat in the car when we got to the festival but I was better off without it later on when I was dancing to sets by Cut Copy and Boys Noize.

hanging outliving room

Every morning I'd wake up to this suit of armor in the corner of the room in my cozy little futon. The decor was so weird. There were also two dog statues in the living room and a pair of mannequin legs outside that were upside down in the corner of the back patio next to some cacti (our condo mates scared the crap out of us with this little arrangement on the last night). So many weird (but funny) things happened this weekend that I can't even begin to list all of them.

entering the festival
palm trees

This was actually my first time going to Coachella so I didn't know what to expect so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Reception was the worst problem and it was difficult to get a hold of people most of the time so I had a couple bad scares after being separated from friends but everything worked out in the end.

crystal castles
chemical brothers

Friday was pretty chill, I saw Interpol but wasn't very into it since 1. I've already seen them multiple times, and 2. I didn't really like their new album. Next I met up with my roommates to dance to Cut Copy which was way more fun then sat down to listen to Crystal Castles which was okay but their live shows aren't very exciting. I like that you had the option of sitting things out if you weren't very into it or tired, the music still sounded great no matter where you were. I also got to see a band from my childhood, Caifanes, who were reuniting for the first time in more than a decade and a half. It was great to see a bunch of people who flew in from Mexico and all over the world just to see them and I talked to a few in the crowd while I enjoyed songs that I used to sing in the car with my mom as a kid when they came on the radio. For the last set of the day, I had originally planned to watch Chemical Brothers with my roommates but had to meet with my condo mates at Boys Noize because my phone was dying and they were my ride home. I ended up dancing my ass off there to a KILLER set and light show which blew my mind and made my night.

cool haus
ice cream sandwich

So let's see. Day two? I wore a white top and these Siwy shorts that my friends and I were randomly given outside the Ace Hotel on Friday (see first picture). I swear, after I put those shorts on I refused to wear anything else, they were so perfect for the weather in Indio. Sucks that I can't really wear them here in SF save a few random days in the year where it reaches 80-90 degrees. Also, I somehow managed to forget to eat (it happens to me sometimes) on Friday so I made up for it on Saturday with Chinese food and an ice cream sandwich from the COOL HAUS truck in the VIP section while hanging out with the people from the H&M tent and listening to Gogol Bordello.

broken social scene
new pornographers
bright eyes
mumford and sons

I dubbed Saturday my "high school playlist day" so most of the bands that I saw were ones that I listened to heavily at the time like Broken Social Scene, New Pornographers, Bright Eyes, Animal Collective, and Arcade Fire. Prior to this I had met up with my best friend from home, Karen, but we were separated and I ended up spending most of Saturday between 6pm-2am by myself. It was actually kind of nice to be alone while listening to bands that shaped into the person that I was back in high school and although I'd seen most of them live already it was still a new experience. Bright Eyes was the biggest surprise since my last two experiences seeing them hadn't been too fun but Conor put on an amazing show and it was awesome to sing to songs like "Lover I Don't Have To Love" and "Calendar Hung Itself" one last time while still knowing the lyrics by heart after not having heard the songs in years. During Bright Eyes' set I ended up fairly close to the right side of the stage but as soon as it ended people started pushing forward and I found myself stuck in the middle of this crowd unable to get out since Arcade Fire fans were pushing to get as close as possible to the stage. See that last picture of Mumford and Sons before my phone died? I ended up a few feet closer than I was when I took that picture so I was in the front row by the time Arcade Fire came on. Animal Collective came before them, however, and they were fantastic as usual but I felt a little silly dancing to every song while everyone around me wasn't really into it and seemed to only be there for Arcade Fire. I even heard someone ask "Who's Animal Collective?" and this one group of teenage girls made faces when the music started and started taking pictures of themselves because they were bored. Seriously? Hard to believe that at one point Animal Collective was bigger than Arcade Fire but that just shows how far they've come, I guess.

Anyway, being front row by myself for Arcade Fire was a surreal experience I'll never forget. I already saw them a few years ago but this time around it was so much more different. The Suburbs came out in the middle of a fairly difficult year for me and I would listen to the album multiple times a day all the way through during long walks or commutes while reflecting on recent events and my feelings at the time. Arcade Fire put on one of THE best performances I've ever experienced and I can't even begin to describe how it felt to dance and sing along to the lyrics without ever missing a word or beat and getting to see them perform right in front of me every single song that I wanted to hear. I'd always listened to them all throughout high school when Funeral came out and a bit in college after Neon Bible but I'd never considered them my favorite band until it kind of just hit me in the middle of the show and I felt so incredibly lucky to be there witnessing that performance. When I looked up into the sky during "Wake Up" and saw those glowing inflated balls come down at me I actually teared up a little and it's an incredible image that I'll never forget even though my phone had died and I didn't have a camera to capture it... okay, maybe the moment didn't last very long since I spent the rest of the song deflecting hundreds of balls with my arms and trying not to get hit in the head but hey, it's still something.

coachella day three
T By Alexander Wang striped top, Siwy denim cutoffs, vintage lace-up booties, Fjallraven backpack, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Okay, okay. I digress. Seems like most people have been concerned more with the festivities than with the music itself which I went in thinking too but ended up touched my experiences, as cheesy as that sounds. Sunday, however, was mostly spent poolside at the Ace Hotel since I was way too exhausted from the night before to be there all day again so we didn't show up until later. I made the unwise choice to forget my bathing suit (after having in on me all day the day before, too) so I could only dip my legs in the water as I jealously watched everyone else swim in the water.


Ah well, I still had fun. I ended up really liking the Ace Hotel, maybe I'll take a trip back down there sometime to actually stay there although it wouldn't be as active and bustling as it was this past weekend. I always forget how fun it is to hang out by a pool now that I've been living in the Bay Area for so long. Is this enough of a reason for me to move back to LA? Doubt it, but it's a nice luxury to have when you're on vacation at least. As I write this I am curling up further under my two layers of blankets and covers and sighing repeatedly, I never though I'd miss the warm weather this much...

dj boothsun settingwaiting
the girls

Don't know what I'm doing in that last picture but everyone looks cute so whatever, I'll still post it! I never realized how great cutoffs and boots go together until this weekend and I'm glad I went with boots rather than sandals, they really saved my life at the festival. At one point in the crowd this guy passed out and his head landed right on my toe... so scary. I was really good about staying hydrated so I didn't have any problems while I was there thankfully. Anyway, after the pool party we finally piled back into the car and tried to make it in time for Duran Duran whose performance was a HUGE disappointment for me mostly because I really wanted to hear Come Undone but they didn't end up playing it and chose to focus more on newer, crappier songs. Bummer. Afterward we wandered over to the other stage to dance to Chromeo instead of seeing The Strokes (I was never really into them, don't know why) was even joined by my friend from home again for a bit. Twenty years together and counting, right?


And finally, Kanye. What else is there to say? It felt like I was witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime performance and like at Arcade Fire I felt very lucky to be there in real life. I had a lot more to say about him but I'll just keep it to myself since I already went on that long tangent about Arcade Fire. Some things are better left unsaid.


And that concludes one of the best weekends of my life, thanks to everyone who actually took the time to read all of it.

Jeanne Marc

Yesterday I wore a vintage Jeanne Marc jacket from Shareen's to brunch. I love the details of this jacket- quilted ripples on the fabric, huge brass buttons, and turquoise polka dot's perfect!
Worn with Herff Christiansen tank, gray H&M skirt from a couple years ago, vintage turquoise rings, and Chloe bow sandals (which I am in love with).

Feature: Lisa Jablonski



GGotW: I see images of you with an Amp and Guitars, are you part of a band?
LJ: A lot of the gear in my photos isn't mine, but yes, I am in a band. It's a metal band called, called Borzig, in which I play guitar and vocals.
We should have new music up sometime soon! Check us out if you'd like.

GGotW: How long has the band been together?
LJ: I've been in this band since December 2005. We're currently going through another major lineup change. All we're lacking at the moment is a drummer, and we should be recording and playing shows as soon as we find our last bandmate.

GGotW: Who are you band-mates?
LJ: Currently my boyfriend, Kevin, is my lead guitarist and backing vocalist, and our bass player is named Jim.

GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
LJ: I've been modeling for about a year.

GGotW: Why did you start to model?
LJ: I started to model because it seemed like a funny hobby that I can wanted to try for a while. Everyone had always told me I was really photogenic, but I never really had the confidence to go and get photos taken. But I tried it and loved it! Now I model to show the world that different people aren't all freaks. We're beautiful as well. Maybe even more so than the generic fake women society pushes us to believe are beautiful.

GGotW: Is there a story to the blue streak in your hair?
LJ: I look so plain without it! I have a really strange skin tone. I love cool colors on my myself. People always try to make everything warm - Their hair, skin tone, etc. I believe humans are naturally cold beings, so why fake warmth? Blue has also become my favorite color.

GGotW: You do make-up as well, which came first?
LJ: Makeup came slightly before. I'm self taught, as my cosmetology school only really taught us about hair.

GGotW: Do you enjoy being on set as a MUA, or as a Model more?
LJ: I like doing both actually. I'm super picky about everything, and everyone always knows their own face best, so I prefer doing my own makeup. When other models see what I can do, they trust that I'll also do their makeup well.

GGotW: What photographers have you shot with?
LJ: XZanthia, Jim Sorfleet, Tim Anders, Jedediah Speer, George Alvarado, Gene Kresser, Sergio Vasquez, Akilam Studio, Matthew Dolinar

GGotW: What is you favorite photo to date?
LJ: Probably the one taken by Jim Sorfleet, with the two guns and red background. I love when photographers know exactly how to direct a model to get a good shot, and Jim is great at that.

GGotW: I see you're a spokes model for the Illinois Modeling Network. Who are they?
LJ: We're a new group started by XZanthia from the Flordia and Colorado Modeling Networks. We help models and photographers network and plan events to get together and create some awesome photos! We're also looking to help people who are new to the industry succeed and reach their full potential!
Check out our site!

Alt model in corset
Red ridding hood

** December 2011 Update

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