I love the cut of this dress, the one-shoulder strap and bodice with the draped skirt creates such an awesome silhouette! It's another find from Shareen and I wore it out to brunch yesterday... the usual Sunday outing.
This dress is a new favorite of mine- the gauzy fabric is perfect for summer. Worn with Super sunglasses, Karla's Closet for Coach clutch, vintage jewelry, and Alaia pumps.
Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day!

Feature: La Esmeralda



GGotW: Who got you in front of the camera first?
La E: I made my first experiences with some friends because I wanted to have some beautiful photos with the lovely horse I had. Today I am not riding anymore but taking those photos was so much fun that I wanted to become a model and I started to search for professional photographers.

GGotW: What kinds of creative things do you like to participate in?
La E: Painting, Sewing, Crafting, working with photoshop... and modeling, of course :)

GGotW: What is your day job?
La E: I am studying Latin and Religion at the moment - but choosing this was not the best idea I had so I am currently looking for something else. I would love to do something more creative :)

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
La E: I was working with a lot of photographers so this would be a long list... People I worked with most often are Alex Blyg, Jörg Timm and LuxProfundi but I am also very impressed by people like Nightshadow (Achim Webel) and Sabine Schöneberger. I hope that I can work with them again, soon - even if they live pretty far away from me.

La Esmeralda as Marie AntoinetteGGotW: Have you traveled far, for photo shoots?
La E: Yes, I did... and I would love to do it again. I live in the north of germany and have just made a tour to the south, that was a bit more than 700 km. I spent two weeks there and had some awesome shoots :)

GGotW: Is there a particular photo or shoot that you are really proud of?
La E: I love a lot of the photos I have in my gallery but I love each one for another reason so I am not sure if I am proud of a particular one.

What I am proud of is that photographers I adore, decided to work with me and would do it again. All the shoots were wonderful on their own way, some were better than others but a lot of them were pretty awesome. I couldn't decide which one would make me most proud.

GGotW: What are you reading these days?
La E: I love fantasy literature - at the moment I am reading "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice and the next book will be something by Terry Pratchett, I think.

GGotW: What are you listening to currently?
La E: Right now I am listening to Kamelots "Kamelots "Ghost Opera"
" and love everything from Gothic to heavy metal :)

GGotW: Where do you like to shop?
La E: I like to go to the city to have a look at the shops - usually I buy small things for crafting there - but I also love ebay and lots of onlineshops, too :)

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true faith

Gap denim jacket, Hope cropped top, vintage maxi skirt, vintage lace up boots

Wore this on Monday, I think? Went to get Vietnamese food at Out The Door in the mall and caught Bridesmaids at the Metreon. I also thoroughly embarrassed myself in the park outside the theater by almost falling into the water a couple times.......


Ohh and I guess I'm going to Russian River this weekend for a friend's birthday! Hopefully it'll be a decent break from reality like Coachella was because I really need it right now.


Lunch on 3rd

This past weekend was one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in a while. I went to Shareen's on Saturday and found three incredible vintage dresses and yesterday I had lunch with my favorite people at a café we go to almost every Sunday. I wore a very comfortable, laid-back outfit...
Wearing Blumarine silk trousers (silk is so hard not to wrinkle), J.crew tank, vintage jewelry, Balenciaga sunglasses, Coach bag, and my trusty Chloe sandals... I swear, I could walk miles in these shoes! So comfortable!
Happy Monday everyone! 

nowhere fast

Saint James striped top, chambray top c/o bb dakota, april 77 jeans, rachel comey bernard platforms, coach satchel

Pictures from happy hour last week. Megan and I wore the same jeans and drank beers at Thee Parkside while trying to figure out why this photo of her from the last time we were there blew up on Tumblr (and landed on a couple thinspo sites??) Oh well! What else have I been up to... umm, I dyed my hair? Other than that, everything is pretty much the same I suppose. Nothing too exciting.


I don't think I ever talked about my Ina shirt here, did I? I'm a huge Ina Garten fan and had been looking for an oversized chambray shirt everywhere since I figured that would be the closest I could get to her even with my mediocre cooking skills weighing me down (I'm more of a Jeffrey to be quite honest). Oh Ina, oh Ina! But really, how awesome is it that she quit her government job and ended up where she is now? Okay aside from that Make A Wish fiasco I still think she's pretty freaking awesome.


Victor Costa

There's just something so magical about vintage dresses- the fabric, the cut, and silhouette, it's hard to find that sort of charm in modern day dresses. I love collecting flirty, girly dresses (as you can probably tell from reading my blog) and this Victor Costa piece is no exception!
I found this Victor Costa dress at Shareen Vintage! It's made of cotton poplin which will be perfect for those hot days during summer vacation. I wore it with Chloe bow sandals, vintage ring, and Clara Kasavina swarovski ring. 

Feature: Rachel Dashae



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
RD: I have been doing this for 5 years. :]

GGotW: What got you started as a model?
RD: I posed for pictures for friends in highschool for their photography projects, posted them on Myspace and got contacted by a photographer, and then made a ModelMayhem account. :]

GGotW: You seem to do a lot of traveling for your shoots, whats the farthest you've gone?
RD: For shooting? Huh! I guess Manchester, NH. :]

GGotW: As a model, who inspires you?
RD: No one in-particular inspires me, I like to see other people's work, but I try my best to be as original as possible.

GGotW: How would you describe your ALT style?
RD: I guess I go with the mainstream just a little, and mix with my always kind of gothy girl style, haha. The long black hair, and all black clothing usually helps I guess. ;]

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
RD: When I'm not infront of a camera , I am usually booking and updating. Other than that I excercise, read astrology and psychology books, and clean a lot haha. :]

GGotW: Who do you consider to be some of the bigger photographers you've worked with?
RD: I guess Corwin Prescott is definitely one! :D

GGotW: Do you check out goth clubs or meet-ups?
RD: Yes! I used to frequent a club "Fallout" in Richmond, VA and actually was a cage dancer there. I have recently moved to Philadelphia and have checked out Shampoo on their Goth nights.

GGotW: What are you reading/watching/ listening to these days?
RD: I have been reading books about domestic abuse , and a book about lost cities in the southern states of United States. I have been following Game of Thrones, and way too much Hoarding shows, or anything like that, hahaha. I haven't gotten into much music lately, TV is easier for noise sadly, and my speakers on my laptop have recently shorted out for no apparent reason. ._.;

GGotW: Out of all the different accounts, where do you get the most contacts?
RD: Definitely Deviantart. My account is!

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Living My Life Like It's Golden

I am very excited to share this dress with you guys! I was at Wasteland a few weeks ago and nothing was really catching my eye until I found this beauty hidden in between a bunch of rayon and jersey dresses. I love it so much, especially the back!
Worn with Derek Lam cat eye sunglasses, vintage bracelet, Roberto Cavalli cuff, and Christian Louboutin pumps.
Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!

automatic lover

Acne v-neck and jeans, Elizabeth and James blazer via Swirl, Rachel Comey boots, Bottega Veneta clutch

Super behind on posting again, sorry guys. Things have been stressful and hectic (I'm transitioning into my full time job) but I'm hanging on. I wore this a couple weeks ago to drink free booze at that Refinery29 shop crawl but skipped the after party for a friend's birthday celebration. Probably not a good idea to pose for pictures after two or three drinks. At least I finally got to meet Ashley!!

Anyway, I'm really drained and have been out of my apartment from 7:30am-7pm so I'm going to have to cut this short, unfortunately. Enjoy some disco for now while I get my life together <3


Horizontal Prints

A few weeks ago, I wandered off into the Hollywood Hills to snap some photos for Grazia Italia. The feature is all about prints so I wore my favorite jacket from Screaming Mimi's, a striped tank from American Apparel (obviously I am in love with stripes... never met a stripe I didn't like!), J.Brand jeans, vintage eel skin belt, and Prada shoes. 
 So right now I am making mood boards because my best friend I are moving in together in the summer and I want tons of interior decorating inspiration... will try and share them with you guys soon!

Guest Couturist

Going to be guest-blogging for Juicy Couture's tumblr the entire month of May. I'll be doing fun Q&A's and more outfit posts, so be sure to check it out!
Wearing Juicy linen tank top with J.Brand jeans, Balenciaga shoes, vintage belt and earrings, and Balenciaga sunglasses.

Blue Bayou

This is another casual day dress I found at Shareen's a few weeks ago. It is perfect for Sunday afternoons spent wandering aimlessly around the city!
Worn with my go-to Coach bag, vintage earrings, and Prada leopard pumps.

bipolar blogging

Equipment denim shirt via Hautelook, Siwy shorts, Rachel Comey boots, Fjallraven backpack

Whoops. Has it really been a week? I haven't been in front of a computer for more than an hour in ages. I guess this is what it feels like to have a social life outside of the internet, haha. Well actually, I've been a bit busy with my IRL life and it may have something to do with a J-O-B... will explain later of course. For now let's just enjoy my extended metaphor equating my erratic web presence to the weather in San Francisco.


A couple posts ago people were lauding my supposed take on the "denim on denim" trend but that A.P.C. dress is actually made out of linen, not chambray. This outfit would be more appropriate for those comments, I suppose. I thought about tucking in the shirt but the shorts are too low for that, what do you guys think?