i drink too much coffee

A.P.C. plaid shirt, thrift camel cardigan, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. loafers, Ray Ban wayfarers

Sometimes I worry that people will think I'm too boring. I mean, I always make a joke about being predictable but there are so many bloggers out there with their cute fancy ensembles yet I'm here posting a shirt, cardigan, and jeans... how boring! Well in any case, I wore this just to get coffee so any effort that I would have made to look decent would have gone to waste since I wasn't planning on going anywhere. But you know what? I'm okay with looking like this 70% of the time and sharing it even if it is boring. I hope you guys are too.

By the way, I still think this is relevant.


In other news, I'm working on a summer playlist right now. So far I have 17 songs but I'm still trying to work out the order. Many of them have already been featured here, thanks to everyone who actually takes the time to listen to the songs that I post!

"Rollerskate" - Matias Aguayo

Feature: Alecto Mania



GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
AM: Well I have been modeling now for three years and still going strong.

GGotW: What got you started as a model?
AM: I used to express myself in the form of words, one day I came to a conclusion of how wonderful it would be to express myself through visualization.

GGotW: You listed singing and playing instruments. Are you in a band?
AM: No I am not currently in a band, but do plan on doing a solo project in the near future.

GGotW: Your profile also said you dance, what kind of dancing do you do?
AM: I do freestyle dancing as well as the usual EBM and burlesque dancing :)

GGotW: Why did you want to be a model?
AM: I decided to become a model to express myself visually.

GGotW: How do you manage to be Goth in Africa?
AM: Pretty easy actually, there are many goth and like minded people in Africa, we are just not as exposed as the rest of the world just yet :)

GGotW: Is there much of a goth scene in South Africa?
AM: Quite a large goth scene in South Africa, but as I mentioned we are still not as exposed yet.

GGotW: As a goth, if I was to visit your part of South Africa, where would you
suggest I go to shop, party, chill?
AM: Well we have Iron Fist shops, tattoo parlours, the works actually. The bigger goth scene and shops ect can be found in Pretoria or Johannesburg. This is where you would find anything from corsets to Demonia boots. There are regular Metal events as well as EBM events in those areas so for a small town girl like me if you wanna party and hang out, you gotta travel! Haha

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pink pants

vintage silk shirt, J.Crew pants, Rachel Comey boots, Ray Ban wayfarers

Feeling sick but I managed to get out for a bit to get a sandwich and cheese at Bi-Rite after sleeping 12+ hours last night. I don't usually photoshop my pictures but I had a pretty gnarly aioli stain on my top which was too embarrassing to leave alone since I apparently can't eat without spilling like a normal person. That aside, ham and swiss sandwiches from Bi-Rite are one of my favorite things to eat of all time mostly because it's just a baguette, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and aioli and I never like having too much on my sandwiches to begin with.

I didn't talk about the weather for once but still managed to go on a tangent about food. Apparently I don't have anything interesting to say about what I'm wearing! It's boring anyway. Oh, it may be a little late to mention this but I have a few spots open for ads if anyone is interested. Shoot me an email if you are!

looking down

"Joanna" - Superpitcher

Weekend in Paris

I was in Paris this past weekend shooting a video (hence the lack of posting), and snapped a few photos while I was there...
Dress by Elie Saab...I love the lace panels underneath the black and purple tulle.
Beautiful flower shop on Rue Montorgueil..
In the suburbs of Paris, wearing a vintage lace skirt from Shareen, J.crew tank, Derek Lam sunglasses, vintage brooches and jewelry, and Donna Karan suede pumps.
Pretty parisian cafes on every corner...
Unhealthy, yet delicious brunch!
Pastries at Ladurée
Wow, Paris is such a beautiful city, can't wait to go back!

hello summer

open back dress c/o Aerie (thanks Lucy @ Shadow PR!), Swedish Hasbeen clogs, tote via Refinery29's shop crawl

I wore this to walk to McDonalds a couple days ago. No joke. Fast food cravings aside, the weather SF finally hit 80 degrees and damn, it was HOT. I was sweating even in a dress that could easily pass off as a nightie. Unfortunately this only lasted two or three days: today's temperature refused to pass the 60s and the rest of the week doesn't seem very promising. Oh well.

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"Amor Fati" - Washed Out

blue bottle and miette

blue bottle iced coffee

I think I spend more time at the Ferry Building by myself than with other people. While it's fun to grab lunch and a drink with someone, I love being able to explore places like this leisurely and at my own pace. I usually start by window shopping at Sur La Table and work my way down the main hall stopping by each section to sample olive oil, cheese, etc. and finally end up at Blue Bottle. BEST ICED COFFEE EVER. It was nice to pick up a cup and sit down at the bar while watching people walk by.

blue bottle
blue bottle
blue bottle
blue bottle iced coffee

Speaking of people watching, when I was sitting at Blue Bottle I noticed a pretty girl in line at Miette wearing a really cute outfit featuring a Fjallraven backpack. When I finished my drink a couple minutes I decided to get some macarons to go (rose and vanilla for anyone who's curious) so I wandered over and got in line. While I snapped these pictures to kill time I was surprised by a tap on the shoulder, it was that same girl I had noticed before: turns out she recognized me because of this blog! So awesome. If you're reading this, Mimi, it was great meeting you!

macarons from miette

Feature: Rip van Winkle

German Blonde Goth



GGotW: Is there a story behind your name?
RvW: Yes, in an anime called "Hellsing," there was a vampire woman called Rip van Winkle. I was so impressed with this character, she was so strong and proud, so I chose this name for me.

GGotW: How would you classify your particular Gothic style?
RvW: Dominant, elegant and glamorous. I prefer red lipstick, curly hair, eyeliner and snow white skin. The extraordinary burlesque inspired me a lot. I am fascinated by beautiful accessories like pasties, pearls, feathers and gloves. I would describe me as a "Cabaret Goth". But I don't like just the burlesque and cabaret styles. I really love Steampunk and the Victorian fashions, too.

GGotW: How did you start modelling?
RvW: Art was always a big part of my life. As I was child I started drawing pictures and created my own world.. I always want to make art, and modelling was the best way, in my eyes, to show my art to the world. All the hundred of ideas in my head.

I am not just a display dummy. Modelling, clothing designs and make-up are my big passions.

GGotW: As a Model do you have a favorite style?
RvW: Yes, most of all I prefer the Cabaret / Dark Burlesque style. It´s the most elegant way of the Gothic style and I love it very much!

GGotW: Do you work with a few photographers or a large range?
RvW: I have found my root photographers I worked regularly with. But I often look around for new photographers they impressed me to make pictures in different styles and different techniques It will be very boring if I work with just one or to photographers all time.

GGotW: Who is your favorite photographer to work with?
RvW: I have worked with so many great photographers! My personal favourites I've worked with in the past were Joachim Ruf and Lichtreize Photography.

GGotW: Do you have any fetishes?
RvW: I have a big weakness for corsets. Yes, it sounds typical but there's no better feeling than to have a minimally reduced waist. I wish I could wear a corset every day! And I love to wear tight nylons. It´s like a second skin. It's the best!

GGotW: What got you started designing fashions?
RvW: I have so many ideas in my mind. For example, If I want a dress full of pearls, I make it myself. I can´t buy extremely extravagant clothes, and If you can buy them, they would be cost an fortune.

GGotW: What are your plans once you're out of school?
RvW: First I want to get out of this small City I lived, meet new people. I want study fashion design, but it won´t be easy. It will be hard work. But learning to create professional fashion, that's what I always wanted to do.

GGotW: As a fashion designer do you have a favorite style?
RvW: I like the elegant way of clothing best. I cannot do anything with unspectacular dresses, skirts or something else. I don't need much of buckles, chains or skulls on my clothes. That's so typical and boring. I need details, glamour and beauty in my self designed clothes. I prefer for example a simply black corset, combined with a conspicuous bustle skirt and a detailed hat.

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Show Some Skin

Crop tops are my favorite, all year round. I love pairing them with slim trousers or poofy square-dancing skirts! Also trying out a turban for the first time after watching a tutorial on youtube yesterday. 
Wearing an American Apparel crop top, vintage trousers, Elizabeth and James Monroe sunglasses, Prada pumps, and vintage jewelry.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!