White Out

Jacket: Zara. Tee: Madewell. Shorts: DIY cut offs. Shoes: Theory Theyskens. Sunglasses: Spitfire. Bag: Coach (c/o). Jewelry: Michael Kors, Gap, BR, Pomellato, David Yurman (bracelet c/o), YSL. Nails: Chanel 'Black Pearl'.

central park and shake shack

vintage linen shirt, Saint James striped shirt, Theory shorts, vintage Coach satchel, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey Miner boots

And here's the only other outfit I photographed in New York. It's kind of hard to be creative when you're working out of a tiny suitcase in unexpected weather. Same shorts, same bag... at least the shoes are different? Anyway, wore this to explore Central Park and hit up Shake Shack to see what all the hype was about.


So does Shake Shack compare to In-N-Out? I can only say that it wouldn't be fair to compare the two since they're two different things: Shake Shack was less of a fast food chain to me and more of a gourmet eatery. Plus In-N-Out is just something I grew up with that tastes familiar now matter where I go, you know? But that's just me I guess. Nevertheless it was delicious, so delicious in fact that I ended up going back and spending a total of $20 there that day. (Granted I never wanted to eat again after devouring a double cheeseburger, cheese fries, soda, and milkshake....)

shake shack
hiking boots

"Under Your Spell" - Desire (I'm addicted to the Drive Soundtrack haha)

let it ride

Shorts: Vintage Levis. Shoes: Alexander Wang. Top: Saint James. Vest: Old Navy. Jacket: H&M. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Belt: Gap. Lips: Nars Schiap. Jewelry: David Yurman (bracelet c/o) Gap. BR, Michael Kors, The Ropes, YSL.

Bows & Beads

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were heading to Laguna Beach for a beautiful wedding at the St. Regis so I decided to take a few photos of what I was wearing...
Sequins, beads, and bows... what more could you want!? 
Wearing my 50s dress with Louboutin platforms, Elizabeth and James earrings, and vintage ring


city escape

Dress: Zara. Scarves: Unknown & Vintage. Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Lips: Nars Schiap. Nails: OPI 'Leotard-Optional'. Neckalces: Noble House Designs (c/o) & Kenneth J Lane. Jewelry: David Yurman (bracelet c/o), Michael Kors, Gap, BR, Bauble Bar (c/o), Coach, YSL. Iphone Case: Plum Street Prints


Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs (c/o Macys), Jacket: Jcrew. Shoes: Luxury Rebel. Tights: Hue. Bag: Coach c/o. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Belt: Jcrew. Shorts: BB Dakota c/o. Jewelry: Max&Chloe, Michael Kors, Gap, BR, David Yurman (bracelet c/o), YSL.

Feature: Noise Noire

Model Kart


GGotW: You've been Modeling for five years, what got you started?
NN: I always loved the gothic stuff and clothes and also anime cosplays. At different conventions (where I was first at 14/15 years) I met some cosplayers who also knew a photographer and we did some short shoots at different conventions together. It was really fun and I loved being creative with my styling and posing. After a while (I was 17 then) I decided to register at a German model & photographer community to meet new photographers. I also wanted to make new experiences and get more advanced. After only one day I already had a few requests and so the whole thing started to become a regular part of my life.

GGotW: What is your favorite colour?
NN: Oh I guess everyone will know looking at the color of most of my clothes or parts of my hair! I LOVE pink/fuchsia!

GGotW: Why?
NN: Maybe because my genes are of a woman... ;) I'm not sure but I always love intensive colors because they have so much expression.

GGotW: Who are your favorite photographers to work with?
NN: There are so many really great and creative photographers! Though I'm doing many many shoots with Catherine Lee Mason - he is also my life partner (I was already modeling for over three years when I met him so it's the "every Jack will find his Jill" thing I guess). And of course I also like Uwe Zeller, because he was the first photographer I did a shooting with in the community and we still are doing shoots from time to time!

GGotW: What has been your best experience as a model?
NN: There are so many great experiences! It's always great to get response from others for your whole work and meeting new people (photographers and other models, too).

GGotW: Who do you look up to?
NN:  No one special, but generally I look up to people who are creative and adventurous and are just living out the styles and things they love!

GGotW: What do you hope to be doing in the future?
NN: I hope that I can go on with modeling and to get more paid work for this 'cause all the clothes and also materials are sometimes quite expensive. First of all I always want to express something and be creative. I also love doing makeup for other models and designing accessoires. My biggest wish is to get my expenses paid through one of these creative things, some day.

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Tales of Endearment

I've been a big fan of Natalie's blog, Tales of Endearment for a while now and was so flattered when she told me she was coming to LA and would love to check out my own vintage collection and play dress up at neighborhood vintage shops! We headed to Golyester and The Way We Wore for the afternoon and had tons of fun!
Wearing a vintage Dior dress (that I dream of every night), straw hat, and belt from The Way Wore
Quirky cherry shoes... they even have cherries inside the heel!
Running around in a tiered floor-length skirt, sequined crop top, the best earrings ever, and a diamante box bag. 

You can see the rest of the post on talesofendearment.com!


beef bulgogi bun

Here are the snapshots that I promised from Smorgasburg. Like I'd mentioned earlier, we didn't have as much time as anticipated to sample more but we were satisfied with what we got. The view was amazing as well with the clouds clearing over Manhattan so we ate our food right by the waterfront. Someone left a comment on my last post wondering how I could wear shorts in seemingly cold weather but the photos are deceiving: it was actually hot and humid. TOO hot and humid. One of my friends actually asked me how I could go out in a long sleeved shirt and hat... I don't know what I was thinking either.

chicken tacos
beef bulgogi bun
shrimp balls
hot dog

From top to bottom: Choncho's chicken tacos, beef bulgogi bun from We Rub You, hot dog from Asia Dog, shrimp teriyaki balls from Mimi and Coco.

in heaven

Looking back I wish we hadn't missed most of the vendors since I have no idea when I'll be back. I was bummed that I didn't get to buy anything from Whimsy & Spice since Jenna has been one of my favorite bloggers for quite some time now (thank for trying to get Mark to look out for me while he was packing up, I wish it had worked out!) For years I've been meaning to order something from their store but keep slipping up... I finally got my chance at Dean & Deluca right before I left and picked up a pack of brown sugar gingerspice cookies for Brent since he's also a fan. Unfortunately I didn't even get to try one since he took them with him to work and finished them all on Bart without saving me one. Rude!

all donepier
east river

why hello

Dress: ASOS (last seen here). Shoes: c/o Tory Burch. Blazer: Zara. Purse: DIY American Apparel. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Jewelry: David Yurman (bracelet c/o), Gap, BR, Michael Kors, Max&Chloe, Jcrew