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Piazza Sempione

After the Roberto Cavalli show, it was time for a little sunlight at the always beautiful Piazza Sempione.  
I put together these two stoles so they could channel the Prada look  last season. I bought these Acne trousers before goint to Milan, and fell in love with them. Every step you take you can feel the breezy air in your whole leg, they  open almost until your hips!!

I'm back to Paris, and yesterday I went directly to see the Zadig et Voltaire presentation. The mailbox was full with invitations, and there was no sign of the Mary Katrantzou x Topshop dresses I ordered! (I was too excited to see them).
Givenchy bag, Tom Ford sunglasses, Christian Louboutin heels ,Acne trousers, American Apparel bodysuit, Fur stoles from Tokyo


Beam of jack

Photos by Stefanie

I've been back and and forth to Finland for a quick visit. I also managed to shoot a few features for which I took the opportunity to wear my Beam of jack jacket. The jacket is actually the same model as seen here before and since there has been a few email and messages about it, I though it could use a little mention. I found it in a concept store in Bangkok a few months ago and naturally had to buy it in both colors, that's all I know.

See by Chloe A/W '12

Would love a pair of those pointed booties in black.


Preview of Free People March catalogue shot in Vietnam.

New York, New York

Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit
Zara coat with leather sleeves, Topshop ambush boots, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag, Fashion, Outfit

ZARA Coat With Leather Sleeves
Red Wool Sweater thanks to SheInside
Save 20% ^ by entering coupon code: Erika20 at Checkout
H&M Trend Scarf
SOLD Design Lab Skinny Jeans
Alexander Wang "Rocco" Duffel Bag
Topshop Ambush Boots

Believe it or not, I still have plenty of photos to share with you from my stint in New York. Fashion Week does that to you. ;) In the meanwhile, today's set or "outfit of the day" takes place in two settings. The New York Public Library (my assistant had never been and really wanted to go in!) The second location being 5th Avenue. This is the outfit I actually landed in. I like to fly comfortably, and warm. Thank goodness I did too, it was beyond freezing during the first few days of my stay. Talk about icy winds. A cup of hot coffee never sounded so good. Thankfully, in New York, there's a coffee shop on almost every corner! ;)

And lastly, here's a quick video clip (I have plenty more footage from New York to edit soon!) This particular clip includes: my landing in New York, A peek of Central Park, The Bloglovin' Awards and Olivia Palermo (who won!) and had a cute little speech to share.



Top: ASOS. Skirt: NAVEN (similar here). Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff c/o. Shoes: CL. Purse: Celine. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Nails: Essie 'Turquoise & Caicos', Chanel 'June'. Jewelry: David Yurman, Stella and Dot c/o, Michael Kors watch, GAP, BR, Pomellato.

Glass Princess


Scantily clad in nearly-nothing.. 'cept a glass crown of sorts and scarf/cover. Yet she looks completely beautiful, like artwork. I don't find the image indecent. Do you? This is the difference between tasteful photography versus crass (ahem.. Terry Richardson)

Love Spring/Summer 2010 | Wash Your Face in My Sink Outtakes | Photographer: Angelo Pennetta

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feeling blue

 (shorts-J.Crew, sweater-J.Crew, jacket-Ruche, shoes-Loeffler Randall, necklace-Ruche, bracelets-c/o TOry Burch, J.crew, sunglasses-c/o David Yurman)

A Breath of Spring

(J.crew Sweater, gifted 7FAM The Skinny Second Skin Leggings/Pants, Zara Heels, gifted Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Anarchy Street Skull Bracelet, Various Friendship Bracelets from Benita and friends)

So tempted to wear these pants with a lace bustier and my hair up with 60's make-up for warmer days when my abs (that are currently hidden under a layer of froyo) are ready for it.

Strawberries and Vogue

Arrived in Paris this morning feeling a little bit tired; so I decided to stay home before the Zadig&Voltaire presentation this afternoon. 
Nothing makes me feel better than a long bath, some fresh strawberries and my Vogue.

ROMA - chiara, martina & julia, piazza del popolo, 02/28/12

Feature: Roxana Dellamorte


GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
RD: I started modeling at the age of 11. That means that I've done shoots for 6 years.

GGotW: How did your dream begin?
RD: I think every little girl dreams of being famous and being an actress, singer and something like that. But nobody wants to listen me singing ;) So I´ve dreamed of being a model and do photoshoots although I am a very small person. In my opinion the size doesn´t matters when you are good at what you do. Back to the topic: My grandmother supported me. I attended a lot of castings. Suddenly I got my first job.

GGotW: When you're not in front of a camera, how do you express yourself artistically?
RD: I am a talentless girl. But I try to express myself with my clothing, and of course in everything I do. It´s important to be involved in policy and animal protection. In daily life I am time-poor. I have to study for school, to work and to keep fit. I love to eat and I eat the whole day.
So I have to do sports.

GGotW: Who makes you happy?
RD: My sweet poodle, Desi makes me always happy. When I am very sad my dog gives me hope. Also my family is great. My mum isn´t only my mother, she is the best friend I ever had. My biggest pleasure is to go shopping, to buy new dresses and shoes.

GGotW: Who was the first photographer you worked with?
RD: I don´t know who my first photographer was, but I took a break when I was 13. At 14 I had a comeback with my lovely photographer Kristin Behrens with who I work now. And I created Roxana Dellamorte. Roxana is something like my big sister who guides me. A self-confident, strong personality. Since I was a child I wanted to be like Roxana. She is still my fantasy´s product but also a big part of me. Without this character I can´t exist. I know that sounds strange and a bit shizophrenic. It´s difficult to explain :D

GGotW: Who have you worked with most recently?
RD: This question is easily answered. There a lot of photographers I worked with several times but I can´t count how often I worked with Tom Ahrens. It was simply too often ;). He thaught and supported me. And he became a very close friend. It´s like he is a family member. But I worked with Kristin Behrens recently until she moved in a city far apart from my residence.

GGotW: Have you been published?
RD: Yes, a few times. It started with an advertisement for a Bank followed by some merchandise and small publications in magazines. In 2011 the band "Perfect Sin" published their new CD ready to play and I was the girl on the cover.

GGotW: Do you travel out of Germany for shoots?
RD: Until now I hadn´t have occasion to travel out of Germany for shoots. It would be like a dream if I get a request of working in an other country.

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